So I have another eye look for you this is a night time look suitable for the party season 🙂

Again I’ve taken the pictures with my phone so it’s not award winning quality but you can get the idea of the look and I know I won’t be winning any prizes for my photography skills but practice makes perfect.

And wow I need my brows doing so excuse them it’s amazing what the camera picks up ha 😉


PhotoGrid_1386871048913[1] PhotoGrid_1386871934576[1]

In the top picture I have applied NATURAL COLLECTION in milk chocolate to the crease using a SIGMA E25 Blending Brush using windscreen wiper motions.  Then patted on FACE FRONT in printed (matte finish) using AVON Eyeshadow Brush with Smudger.  I built this up by adding a few layers and blended the edges using small circular motions with a SIGMA E35 Tapered Blending Brush so there were no harsh lines.  Next time I will use a smaller blending brush for this step as this one is a bit bigger to the E25 and spread a bit to much product around.  I then went back in with the milk chocolate to define the crease again.

PhotoGrid_1386871123010[1]  PhotoGrid_1386871884184[1]

Using my fingers I applied NEW CID in zinc (cream eye shadow) this gives a really nice sparkle to the look.  I really like this product it feels lovely on the eyes.  Again I built this up applying more than one layer.  If you need to blend just be careful  you don’t push the product round your eye as it is a cream.

PhotoGrid_1386872148539[1] PhotoGrid_1386871240592[1]

Using REVLON eyeliner in black on the inner corner and tight line and BENEFIT badgal eyeliner on the water line.

*A little tip when doing your eyeliner – when you apply eyeliner to the tight line close your eyes and it will transfer some colour on to the water line and you can touch it up as the night goes on*

I usually use Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil but I have ran out and not had chance to repurchase one yet so in this look I used no7’s brow pencil.  When you are doing your make up always always always fill in your brows it makes a huge difference to your face.  Your brows frame your face and make your make up look so different when they are filled in but don’t forget your brows are sisters not twins.  I will try to do a brow post soon.

To make this a little more festive and different I applied a pop of colour on my lower lash line.  Using a SIGMA E15 flat definer brush I pushed MAC aquadisiac along the lower lash line.  The E15 is fab for doing this with as it is very thin and flat and gets right in to the lash line depositing great colour.

I curled my lashes applied a coat of mascara (I love how my lashes look as soon as I put mascara on but they never seem to stay looking good for long do yours do this?) then applied my false lashes.  When I do such a dark eye I think false lashes are a must it makes the over all look so much better and glam.  In this look I used SHU UEMURA farfallina now I don’t have a clue if this is what the eyelashes are called or if this is another language for false eyelashes ha!  These lashes are very full and I think they are beautiful but there uncomfortable for me to wear.  I think it’s because the band is so thick and they don’t sit so nicely on my eyes and when the assistant cut them he cut them a little to short for my liking but the quality is great.  I would definitely try more from their range.


PhotoGrid_1386872075928[1]  PhotoGrid_1386871344736[1]

I also applied the black to the lower lash line in case anyone wasn’t loving the pop of colour and I did this in the same way as the MAC shadow using a CHARLES H FOX brush which I got in a theatrical make up kit when I was at college years ago.  This is a small brush so it is good for using on the lower lash line or for putting shadow close to the upper lash line.


When I wear a dark eye I like to wear a nude lip or a pinky nude lip which I will post another day seen as this post is long enough!


Sorry for all the pictures I got a bit click happy crazy in fact 🙂

Hope you like this looong post.  Let me know what products your using for your party looks.

Stay true

nico b xoxoxo









You can use any shadows to create this look.  You don’t have to use the same products as I did.  I’ve tried using a variation in price from high street to high end. The black shadow I used is no longer on sale so I obviously haven’t lined it.

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