Hey guys where I live we have been getting some snow (so much fun) I love the snow but that doesn’t stop the heels making an appearance 😉

Here we go………..



White Sleeveless Shell Shirt


I tried getting an actual link to the waistcoat but could not find it anywhere on the site I searched everything.  So it is linked to an RI Edit page which may possibly take you to the actual item but it won’t let me find it ggrrrrrr 😦


Leather Look Pants

Shoes  (similar style)

A very comfy outfit with a glam feel to it 😉  Hope you liked it xx


Of course I went for a smokey eye and I was rushing because it was all last minute.  I simply put a black shadow all over the lid and used an orange shadow in the crease.  The orange hasn’t photographed well and looks very brown which still works but in person the orange looked good 😉 And the hair is from when I had it put up in my ‘One Shoulder Maxi Dress’ post I simply combed through it and left it to do it’s thing ha 🙂

Is there any specific styles you would like to see??  Let me know in the comments xx

Thanks so much for reading mwah mwah mwah xxx

Stay beautiful

nico b xoxoxo


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