Hey guys how are you all?  I hope your not all suffering with the dreaded bug that is making it’s way round and refusing to leave!!!

On my trip to New York I also picked up some lipsticks from Duane Reade which is a store possibly similar to boots here in the UK.  You can also purchase these from ULTA.  

I was gutted I didn’t get to go to this store but I couldn’t find it 😦

So I bought the Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lip Color.  We never seem to have the same collections in the UK as you have in America 😦 you get all the best ones 😉

I’m a huge fan of Matte lipsticks and pink so of course that’s what I bought.




665 Lust For Blush

Now I’m not the best at describing colours or undertones but I’m going to describe this one as a mauve pink toned pink?!? They are very creamy and easy to apply they don’t drag your lip when you are trying to apply them like other mattes can.



670 Ravishing Rose

This is more of a softer pink as the name would suggest.  If I ever see the word rose on a make up product I automatically think of a soft pink, suitable for many skin tones.  I love the smell of all Maybelline lipsticks they are very nostalgic to me and remind me of the smell of my Nan’s lipsticks from when I was a child 🙂  They aren’t over powering and I can’t smell it hen it’s on the lips.



675 Faint For Fuchsia

The most vibrant of the 3 colours.  They have 10 colours all together.  I went for the pinks obviously 😉 and all could be worn as a day time lipstick or even night.  They can be worn on their own as they are creamy enough or add a little gloss in the centre of your lips for that extra plump fuller lip look.  The packaging is the same style as most of their other lipsticks this just has the matte finish to the lid which is cute and easy to spot especially in my obsessive collection of lipsticks 😉

As much as I love these lipsticks they are not long wearing.  It doesn’t really bother me if a lipstick isn’t long wearing because I do like to refresh my lipstick often but sometimes it can collect on the dry patches of your lips if you are constantly re-applying but all in all a godd lipstick.  Thanks Maybelline ha 😉

Have you tried any from this range what did you think of them??

Thanks so much for reading.

Stay beautiful

nico b xoxoxo


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