I wanted to get this post up yesterday but didn’t get chance as I spent the day getting ready to go to THE BIG REUNION and it was absolutely amazing I loved being 17 again 😉  You can look on my instagram page at some of the pics.  I wanted to upload my make up but it just doesn’t show up well with my camera (phone).  Can anyone recommend an affordable camera that will do the job?

So on with the post FACE MASKS.  I like to have a facial every month but recently I’ve not been able to do this so I like to make sure I apply my face masks regularly.  I apply them at least twice a week.

PhotoGrid_1387200347815[1]Depending on the directions I just simple apply a thin even layer all over my face and down onto my neck.

Intense Moisture Mask Home

ROSE HYDRATE Intense Moisture Mask  I’ve had this face mask for a good few months now I bought it from Boots.  It caught my attention because it is an intense moisture mask and I’m always drawn to hydrating products as I have dry skin.  This is also suitable for sensitive skin which I also have.  And as it contains rose water it is soothing.

 The Benefits:

  • Purifies and restores glow to complexion
  • Delivers a real moisture boost to rejuvenate and plump skin
  • Suitable for even the most sensitive skins
  • Dermatologically tested

I apply a thin even layer over my face as shown in the picture above and this mask only stays on for 10 minutes so it is good if you are rushing and don’t want to have to wait 20 minutes for it to dry and peel/wash off.  I’ll usually use this as I am getting ready for bed or if I’m not leaving the house straight away I’ll put it on then.  This mask does sometimes sting my face slightly but this doesn’t happen every time.  My skin feels smooth after using it.  I have noticed my skin hasn’t been as dry as it normally is at this time of year so I think a combination of my skincare routine and the weather (not being as cold) is doing the trick.  I will continue to use this product but I’m not 100% sure if I will repurchase this simply because I like to try new products.

 GREEN PEOPLE Oy! no gunk natural peel off face mask kit.  When I saw this product I liked it because you used herbal tea to make the mask.  And if it’s good enough to drink I don’t mind putting it on my skin but saying that there are only a few things I eat/drink that I would put on my face! 🙂

This comes with 3 sachets in seawood, rosehip and mandarin and an essential oil blend.

Directions: Mix 75ml of cold herbal tea (I use green tea) and the sachet together and stir until smooth.  Add 20 drops of the essential oil blend and mix well but quickly.  This will make the mask and it is really thick you need to be quite quick once you have mixed it or it will set.  So as soon as you have mixed it put it on your face quickly.  I love the feel of this mask it is so thick and messy the inner child in me loves it.  And one sachet will do about 4 people it goes along way.  So get the girls or guys round and have yourselves a pamper night.  Again this only needs to be left on for 10 minutes and peel away once it is dry.  I left this on for longer than 10 minutes as I’d put so much on because I had so much left and didn’t want to waste any.

I will definitely repurchase this because I love the feel of it and it is organic, has great ingredients and doesn’t have any of the bad ingredients like parabens or colourants and 10% of net profit is donated to charity and I personally would rather give a company like that my money!


FC5 Intense Hydration Mask   from Arbonne United KingdomARBONNE FC5 Intense Hydration Mask  Again this is only a 10 minute mask and feels gorgeous on the skin.  My face feels really smooth after using this and I have been using this and the una brennan face mask alternatively and I think it has been working well on my skin.  And again this is free of parabens, mineral oil and is vegan friendly which I love.  If you wish to purchase this product you will need ID number 441150735.


I have to be really careful with what I use as I’m allergic to many things and have had severe allergic reactions so I try to go for as natural ingredients as I can that is why I like Arbonne and Green People for products.  If you use any products and it begins to burn or sting I would recommend you take it off immediately.

Have a fab day guys

Take care

nico b xoxoxo

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