I no people tend to go darker with their hair in the winter months and lighter through the summer months but I like to be different and felt the need for a change.




Here is my hair before I started. I am naturally dark probably have a base of a 4 or 5.
I dye my roots myself because my grey comes through and fades quickly and it needs dying every 2-3weeks and i can’t/won’t pay to get it done that often it would cost a fortune plus it isn’t really regrowth so I had a lot of colour build up from overlapping the colour every time I dyed my hair.
So thought let’s strip it all back and go slightly lighter plus I’m hoping the grey will blend slightly better damn you grey hairs 😣



Here is my hair after being lightened. This was kept on my hair for about half an hour to take it a few shades lighter. If it had been kept on longer my hair would of been an illuminous orangey colour but it didn’t need lifting so much.
I then had a few light brown highlights put through then a full head of a number 6. So all in all only a couple of shades lighter but I love it. It is a nice warm colour and it makes me feel better as I’m very pale in the dark dreary winter months.




And here is the finished look.

Thanks so much for reading and hope you are all well. I’m suffering with a sickness bug so having some lazy days snuggling up to missy 🙂

Stay beautiful
nico b xoxoxo


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