Hey guys I was inspired to do this post by a company called Raise who were interested in my blog and the style posts that I upload because many of the shops I mention they buy and sell gift cards for at a discounted price.  They wanted to know what my Autumn style pieces were and I was already planning to upload this so I can incorporate the two.  This will include my Autumn fashion must haves and my Autumn make up essentials.

Here we go……..

When I think about Autumn fashion I think check (plaid) prints, wooly hats or fedora style hats, capes, tights and chunky boots.

So I tried to put together a casual, smart casual and a going out look.

Hope you like them 😉




Biker Jacket (similar style)

Round neck T – Shirt

High Waist Shorts

Black Triple Stripe Suspender Tights

Boots (similar style)

If you didn’t want to wear shorts or patterned tights then I also love this look for a more comfy casual look yet still stylish. All I changed was the skirt, tights and added a necklace 🙂


Black Cami

Check Marley Mini Skirt



Hat (primark)

Necklace (similar style)


And my beautiful Missy just had to have a quick snuggle bless her xx

So the company RAISE buy and sell unwanted gift cards.  I think this is a great idea so many of us get gift cards for birthdays or Christmas and don’t want them well now you can sell them on and still benefit here is How It Works.  There are many popular brands on there sure to suit everyone and many for the shops I have mentioned and linked from my outfits.

Stay tuned for more upcoming Autumn looks 🙂

Thanks so much for reading xx

Stay beautiful xoxo

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