This is more of a first impressions of Sleeks matte lipstick and lipgloss as I have only had them on for a short time so I’m not sure how they hold up.

I bought two glosses and one lipstick to try out first.



Sleek Lipstick True Colour Papaya Punch

I wouldn’t normally go for a colour like this I tend to stick with my pinks and occasionally reds but wanted to give this a go and at only £4.99 I’m not too bothered if it doesn’t get used I’ve spent way more money on a product to never touch it again!!

This is a nice bright (ish) shade and was quit creamy to say it is a matte finish.  I would definitely apply some lip balm at the start of doing my make up ready for applying this last.  You could see some dry patches on my lips so maybe use a lip scrub the day before or morning of applying this to prevent any horrible dry patches and keep lips moisturised before using 🙂

The packaging is cute with it’s classis matte finish and the shape is different to any lipstick I have making it stand out.   It doesn’t have a strong smell to it and is nicely pigmented.  If I feel this colour does not suit me I might try it with a red underneath and blend the two together plus there is always the option of adding gloss.

I will definitely be looking at trying some of Sleeks other lipstick shades.

Now on to glosses……



Sleek Matte Me Lipstick Brink Pink

This is a beautifullllllll colour I absolutely love it but I don’t like the feel of it on my lips it is so drying and I feel like when I put a face mask on and it’s drying and I can’t move my face that’s how my lips feel once this is dry.  And when I’m going to apply it the wand is so light it feels like the tube is empty (if that makes sense)

I really do love a matte lip and this is the first lip cream I have ever tried I have only ever had matte lipsticks which aren’t as drying.  I am going to try this over a light lipstick to use as a base and see if that helps with the drying I will also try it with a similar coloured lipstick but at this moment I won’t be reaching for it and won’t try any of the other colours unless it goes nicely over a lipstick.

This will also stain your lips and where ever you swatch it!! 😉


Sleek Matte Me Lipstick Petal

The colour it appears in the tube and on the swatch is not what it applied to on my lips.  It is a dark pinky/nude colour in the tube to me which I have other products in a very similar colour but it really drains the colour out of me.  This colour is very similar to the OCC LIPTARS and has the same effect/colouring and really doesn’t suit me.

I have a similar coloured matte lipstick from Revlon so I am going to try it over that and see how it looks.

I did need to do quite a few coats to get an even finish on both colours.

Have you tried any of them? Do you wear them on their own?  Let me know in the comments below 🙂

That’s all for today guys thank you so much for reading have a fabulous day xx

Stay beautiful

nico b xoxoxo




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