Hey guys so sorry for the sporadic posts,  I have recently bought a new business and i am a foster carer and look after 2 boys so i am learning to divide my time to fit everything in so i apologize for the lack of regular posts I am working on organizing my time efficiently 🙂

So lets get on with sharing my recent bargain buys……….



 Snake Mini Hard Clutch

This is so cute and little it fits nicely in my hand but does come with a chain style strap so can be worn on the shoulder.  I love the snake skin affect and the colours are great together.


River Island online purchases




This is no longer online but they do still have blouses in similar styles.



This has a black paneling down the side which is very slimming and flattering.  It is a thick material so it is very forgiving 😉 And is a nice length on the leg.
Blue T – Shirt Column Dress
The blue colour is no longer available online.  These are the same dress obviously just different colours 🙂  I love the brightness of the pink and think both colours will suit many skin tones.  I will mainly wear these as a day dress or as a throw on if on holiday.
Again not online so all sale dresses linked.  I’m not normally a fan of green but i like the tone of this one.
I love the print on this dress it is so nice and not something i would normally go for but because the UK has been having some nice weather recently i wanted to get some dresses to be able to wear.
This is just a basic yellow t – shirt and Missy just had to get in on the action.  Bless her she has been feeling the heat recently and doesn’t know what to do with herself.
That is all i got from River Island I’m not 100% sure on all of the items but I’m going to try them on with different shoes and accessories and have a play around and see what i think then.
Zara (in store)
I like the peplum style on this blazer i feel it is more flattering for my figure.
White pencil Skirt
This has a mesh line across breaking up the white and giving it that edge.  This will look great with a tan. (Not online)
And lastly we have a dress from TopShop.  This is a size 12 but is quite big on my waist so i will wear this as a comfy day dress with some flats.  And yes you guessed it it is no longer on the site.  I did also get the Aloha Floral And Check Print Bodycon Dress but forgot to photograph it.  This dress fits perfect and is not forgiving in any way i love it 🙂
Thanks for reading 🙂
Stay beautiful
nico b xoxoxo



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