So I’m a bit late on the Lush bath bomb band wagon but that’s because I’ve never been able to go in the shops because of the smell it is way to over powering and just gives me a headache and makes me feel sick but I faced the dreaded smell head on and bought a few things plus the doors were open with lots of fresh air blowing in so the smell wasn’t as intense 😉

I didn’t have much time to look around so asked a staff member to help me.  I just wanted to try a bath bomb to see what all the fuss was but I also got a face mask I have heard a lot about.


Butterball Bath Ballistic

Yuzu & Cocoa

I haven’t actually tried the Butterball bath bomb yet but this was recommended to me by the staff member as being one suitable for people with more sensitive skin.  I have dry skin and this contains cocoa butter so was attracted to that for hydrating benefits.  It smells strong but I think once in the water it won’t be as intense.  It has great reviews so I am eager to try this.

I used the Yuzu & Cocoa one as soon as I got home I only used one half of the bath bomb which I crumbled under running water.  It did make the bath nice and bubbly but they soon disappered but the colour was not at all attractive.


As you can see it is a browny colour which didn’t make me think oooh can’t wait to lie in this bad boy!!  However it felt nice on the skin with a creamy consistency.   I wasn’t overly impressed by it though and won’t rush out to buy another I will probably try others first.  I do still have half left but I’m in no rush to use it again I would rather try the Butterbar first.


Mask of Magnaminty

I’ve heard a lot about this face mask from YouTube so when I saw it on the table as I walked in to the shop I knew I had to try it.  This can be used on the face and body which is a great idea.  I have only used it on my face but I like the idea of being able to use it every where I will have to give it a go.

So I applied this whilst the bath was running.  You simply apply a thin layer all over the face and leave it to dry for 10 minutes as it dries it really sets and I could not move my face ha but it wasn’t uncomfortable.  Once the time was up I wet my face, rubbed it in circular motions to exfoliate then rinsed it off using a muslin cloth then rinsed it with luke warm water.

My skin felt lovely and soft afterwards and did look nice and refreshed and clear.  I didn’t notice any other major lasting changes but I didn’t expect to I will have to try it several times and regularly to see any results I think which I will definitely do.  I like to apply face masks at least once a week and because you only need to leave it on for a short amount of time I have no excuses 🙂

A bonus to these bath bombs as well is that I have left them on the top of my draws and they leave my bedroom smelling lovely and it isn’t to strong neither so even if I never used them I have a great air freshener ha.  I’m not yet hooked but will be trying more products from Lush.  Do you have any recommendations?

Hope you like my post guys mwah x

Stay beautiful

nico b xoxoxo


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