Hey guys here is a quick post to brighten up your Monday πŸ˜‰

Because the weather is getting slightly warmer here in the UK I thought it was time to get some sandals.Β  Plus I needed some new ones because my dog Missy kindly chewed the strap on my Aldo sandals gggrrrrrr thanks Missy!!

So here we go…….


Pink Flat Sandals With Gold Trim


I love the brightness of the pink in these sandals they will go with so many colours.Β  I can wear them with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses the lot πŸ™‚ And the gold edging adds more glamour to them who doesn’t love them some gold edging πŸ˜‰


Gold Strap Sandals


These are very flat and may hurt (I’ve not worn them yet) because they are so flat which I know totally doesn’t make sense but do you find your feet hurt when you wear completely flat shoes?

Anyway I liked these again for the gold straps and think they will go with so many outfits.Β  I bought both these sandals from Zara and they don’t seem to have any online but they still have some lovely sandals left.



And these are no longer on the website! I bought these the day before they went in the sale gutted!!!!Β  I was looking for some white shoes to mainly wear with either my boyfriend jeans or a light pale blue coloured jean.Β  I’ve looked at white heeled full court style shoes but kept thinking I know I’ll wear them once then probably never wear them again because I would go off them and thought this style would be more wearable for me.

I like the thick silver band round the ankle toΒ show off when I’m wearing shorts or I can tuck my jeans under/over the strap so it is still visible or hidden.


ASOS PLAYBACK Pointed High Heels

Β Β  PhotoGrid_1404140028288[1]

And lastly we have some bright numbers I got these from ASOS and I mentioned them in my ‘Bright And Pastel Shades’ post I got these to wear with the floral skirt but they arrived after I had left for the wedding got left with a neighbour who went away for the weekend so I got them last night.Β  And unfortunately I am going to have to send them back because they fit so strangely when I first put them on I thought I had got 2 shoes that were the same foot I didn’t even attempt to walk in them.Β  I don’t know if they have been made wrong or if all the pairs are like this?!?Β  I am gutted because the colour is lovely they are a matte yellow and lovely and bright and would be a great summer shoe.

So that is all for today thank you so much for reading have a fab day mwah x

Stay beautiful

nico b xoxoxo

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