Wow what a week I have had it has been crazy busy.  If you are reading this post then yayyy it is finally up and is my FOURTH attempt at posting it.  If it wasn’t the computer not working then it was the internet not working aarrggghhhhh haha!!

So here we go…….




I loved both colours of these bracelets and think they look ok together.  I do think they will suit me a lot more when I am more tanned.  They are a pink toned and a beige toned colour with a gold plated edging.  They look expensive but were so affordable at £19.95 each.


You can see the colour better in this picture 🙂


I also bought this bracelet from the same shop.  This was in the sale bonusssss ha!! I like the leather detail with the cute little heart accessory.  And the fastening makes it easy to put on.  There is nothing worse than trying to put bracelets on with awkward fastenings and ending up throwing yourself all over the room trying to fasten it 😉



I love the pink and grey together on this necklace.  I can wear it with so many different coloured clothes.  The length is adjustable so I can wear it longer or shorter I prefer it shorter though 🙂



So another necklace I got from Ivy Label.  I didn’t have any necklaces in a colour like this so obviously I had to have it 😉

That is all I got for jewellery I love them all 🙂

My name is Nicola and I have a handbag addiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Yes I’ve bought MORE handbags I know I know I need to stop oops! Here they are…….


Orange asymmetric zip clutch bag

How gorgeous is this colour I am so in love with it.  It has a fold over design and a nice gold zip.  This great pop of colour would look great against an all black or white outfit.


Turquoise Bag

This is a purse and bag in one.  It has compartments for your cards and a zip part for your coins which is great because it leaves more room for essentials like lipstick, lipgloss etc ha 😉



Grey Bag

I like the fastening on this bag the tops fold over each other which is a good safety piece! There is lots of room in this one so I can take a lot more lipsticks and lip glosses with me 😉


Blue Bag

How gorgeous is this colour it is my favourite blue colour ever.  This bag comes with a strap but I don’t think I will use it I prefer to carry it as a clutch bag.



This is a simple black clutch bag with detail on the bottom edge.  The opening is hard to explain it isn’t a magnet but it is similar (worst description ever I know!!)

So that is all for my obsessive handbag additions and new jewellery pieces.  So until next time…….

Stay beautiful

nico b xoxoxo


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