Hey guys this post may seem a little strange to do.  But I wanted to share with you my wedding anniversary 🙂 I have two dates that could be my wedding anniversary that is today the 9th or tomorrow the 10th.  I got married in Cyprus so had to get married legally on one day then I got married in a church the next and thought why not share a few pictures of the day.

So here is my Cyprus wedding hope you like it 🙂


I found it really difficult to find a dress I loved.  I wanted to have the whole wow factor but just wasn’t finding it in any of the dresses I looked at.  I wanted something different and that is why I went for a silver wedding dress.  I didn’t enjoy the ‘finding a dress’ process but would love to do it all again now and try to enjoy it more.


The dress was quite simple but affective! I live by that saying I’m simple but affective haha 😉 and so are many things I like.

The top part had embroider crystal detail on not too much bling. There was also a small piece of crystal/brooch type thing (think it was that) on the side and one on the back at the bottom of where the dress fastened.  Because the dress was silver my bridesmaids wore an eggplant coloured dress which is a dark purple to me I always think blue when I hear eggplant don’t know why though!!

For hair I kept it quite loose as I am ridiculously head sore.  It was all curled then loosely pinned with my veil on the crown of my head.

For my make up I went with my go to colour PURPLE.  One because my dress was silver I thought it would be more effective and two because it makes my eyes stand out more and when I have a tan my eyes go really green.


A little more detail on the back of the dress.  I chose this type of fastening which I really can’t think what it’s called, in case I put weight on or lost some it would still fit either way because it could be tightened or loosened.


The church St Paul’s was beautiful. Surrounding it was all the old ruins which you can see a bit off in the picture.


A little closer here and you can see some of the ruins in the background oh and were kissing haha wit woo!! 😉

I was so uncomfortable doing all the pictures in fact I hated it and wasn’t really happy with the result and now I’m sharing them hhmmmm ha 🙂


Our transport was a horse and cart this was a surprise for me how cute. Loads of people were waving and clapping as we went past and shouting the usual ‘don’t do it’ line too late we have 🙂


A cheeky bottle of bubbly for the journey from the church to the reception cheers 🙂


A quick smooch on the dance floor 😉


Then later on we got taken to a near by beach for some sunset pictures.  There was quite a few other couples there having their pictures taken as well and again I was so uncomfortable I cringe thinking about it now ha!


Never thought I would be rock climbing in my dress.  I had to take my shoes off for this part otherwise id have easily broken both legs and boy were the rocks sharp.  Good job they are far away shots my face would not have been looking good haha so much fun 😉

Well that is it for some of my wedding pics.  I know it is a bit strange to share these but some of you may find it a little interesting.  Thank you so much for reading xx

Stay beautiful

nico b xoxoxo


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