Hey guys so I spoke too soon about my computer and it has not been working ggrrrrr and this is why I have been gone 😦  So massive apologies for the lack of posts again!!


Pink Coat

I got this from Zara last week but it is no longer on the website.  I hate when Zara runs out of an item and they don’t replace it 😦  This has 3/4 length sleeves and looks great on I have a couple of looks coming up on my blog featuring this coat 🙂


Crepe Notch Front Jacket

They have this style of blazer in another colour a lime colour which really didn’t suit me.  I think blondes would really suit the lime one.  I’ll wear this to make my outfit more dressy with jeans and a nice plain top.



Crop Top

I got this top to wear with a high waisted skirt.  I like that it is cropped but also has sleeves.  I could wear this with many things seen as its black.


Mircia PVC Midi Skirt In Baby Pink

For some this skirt will be horrendous but I love it.  Yes it’s PVC but it doesn’t look cheap or horrible it is very flattering which I didn’t think it would be .  I tried it on with the top above but wasn’t 100% sure it went well and was to much against the baby pink colour.  The skirt came just below my knees and was comfortable enough.  It did however make my legs look really really pale.  I’m thinking of trying it with a similar coloured top.



Crochet Jacket

A simple jacket to wear with my jeans instead of a cardigan or jumper.


Baggy Jumper

Again I can’t find this on Zara’s website now I’m either the worst internet shopper/searcher or it isn’t on!! 😉  I have worn this with white jeans and sandals.  I wear it off one shoulder and show some skin wit woo 😉


Ripped Jeans

I wanted some fitted boyfriend jeans and bought some from Zara but felt they were to baggy on the leg so I swapped them for these. They are nice and fitted on the legs. and I feel much better in them.  I have rolled these up at the bottom and will feature them in an outfit post.


Vest top

Just a couple of simple basic vest tops.  We all need these in our wardrobes don’t we.  I wear vest tops under nearly all my clothes because I’m always so cold.


Blue clutch

How cute is this bag.  You know I can’t go shopping and not buy myself a handbag 🙂 I love the bright blue colour.  I got this from a shop called Sunday Best near to where I work.

I am going to get some looks up with the items mentioned.

Hope you are all having a fab weekend 🙂

Stay beautiful

nico b xoxoxo




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