Hi guys I have been trying to find different ways to store my bracelets, perfumes and creams (body/face) for a really long time.  I’ve tried lots of different ways but never been happy with them but now I am happy with my set up.


So on top off my draws I have 2 boxes one for my bracelets and one for creams for my face, body or eczema creams.


I simply store the boxes on top of each other.

        PhotoGrid_1399144793310[1]          PhotoGrid_1399144778259[1]

Storage boxes


Velvet T bar Bracelet Jewellery Display Stand Holder.  I used to just have the stands on the top of my drawers but wasn’t happy with it it still felt messy so now I am happy it is away neatly and still totally accessible.

In the box above is all my creams that I use daily again away tidily and accessible.

            PhotoGrid_1399144832336[1]          PhotoGrid_1399144820042[1]

Postcard Cake Stand

I think this is a lovely cake stand but I was looking for one a bit more ornate but could not find one.  I have used this to store my perfumes so I will use them more.  I had them in a basket in my wardrobe but kept piling things on top of them and forgetting they were there so wanted to have them out with their creams as well.

On the stand:

  1. Hugo Boss Deep Red – My favourite 🙂
  2. Marc Jacobs hibiscus – I’m not sure if this was limited edition because I can’t find it anywhere sorry 😦
  3. Britney Spears Believe – I love the shape of this bottle 🙂

There is also creams from previous sets of perfumes.


If you have liked this post and would like to see more of my organisation such as wardrobe, shoes or make up let me know in the comments and I will get one done 🙂

Stay beautiful

nico b xoxoxo



  1. I have noticed that this post has half the content missing and the layout has moved I will sort this out as soon as I can. Sorry about this guys 🙂 x

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