Yes you read it right yet again I have bought more new handbags I know I know I need to stop 🙂  I also bought a pair of pants and some flat shoes.


Green studded bag


Green is not a colour I ever gravitate to in fact it is probably one of the colours I don’t like the most and stay away from but this bag has changed my mind.  I’m not going to start buying all green things and look like walking grass/lawn 😉  but as a starter I love it.

The gold studded detail on it makes it stand out even more and really compliments the bag and the green giving it that extra edge of biker chic.  There is so much room inside so it can be used for many things so obviously this is why I needed it it’s a multi tasking bag 😉 I would use this as my statement piece in my outfit and wear all one colour probably black knowing me but I think it will stand out well!


The bag came with this inside which I personally won’t use I just think it will get in the way and annoy me.  You could use this as a bag on it’s own but……well I just don’t like it.




I don’t have any bags like this and loved the fringe detail on it I thought it would add a little glamour to my outfit.  You can hold it by the handle which I prefer or it has a longer strap so you can carry it on your shoulder.  I would use this bag when wearing a black outfit I don’t think it would go well with many of my other clothes simple because of the long fringing.


Yellow Grab Bag

How cute is this little baby it is bigger than it looks on the picture.  It isn’t a large bag at all but it will get in what I need e.g. purse, phone, essential make up pieces etc etc.  I wanted the yellow colour to again make a statement with it and add some colour to my outfit.  I haven’t used this bag yet so I’m not sure what I will wear it with.  This also comes with a long strap or can be carried by the handle and it has the little tassel detail and the gold edging and twist lock fastener.

I got this bag from TK MAXX it is a Dune bag the link takes you to the bag but it is the black colour I could not find it in any other colour.  I bought this in store and they had yellow and pink ones (and I really wanted both but I was good)!!

That is all I got for new handbags which is enough seen as I only bought some a few weeks ago which were in my ‘New Handbags’ post.  I also bought the bag featured in my ‘Easter wedding’ post.


Blue Pumps


I got these from Sainsbury’s (local supermarket) the colour is just beautiful they are a cobalt blue.  Their very flat which I need I’m going to wear these with my white jeans and pale blue distressed jeans.  They come up higher at the front so hide my toes and toe cleavage which I really do not like!!  I can’t find the shoes online sorry 😦


Printed Trouser


These pants are the cutest floral/tree patterned pants I have ever seen.  They are so flattering on and each pair of pants has a different pattern on them because of the cut of the fabric.  I am going to wear these with some blue peep toe shoes and I really want a cobalt blue blazer the same colour as the shoes but I can not find one anywhere. Do any of you know where I can find one?!? 🙂  For a more day time look I will wear the blue shoes above and a plain baggy top slightly tucked in at the front.

A great style for spring and summer that will take you through to autumn and winter when your wanting to brighten up your outfit 🙂

These are from the Gok range for any of you who don’t know who Gok Wan is he is a stylist, TV presenter, Designer, amazing person and all round nice person (from what I see on TV I don’t know him)  He has appeared on many TV shows helping women find their style and most importantly body confidence and teaches them how to dress for their body shape and he loves boobs 😉 ha everybody needs a Gok Wan in their life.

Hope you liked the post thanks so much for reading and have a fabulous day.

Stay confident

nico b xoxoxo


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