Hey guys I hope you are all doing well and have had a great weekend.  I have been feeling sorry for myself because I have had an allergic reaction to a facial I had last week and I am all swollen red and very itchy 😦 so I haven’t put anything on my skin.

I did want to do a look using the products I am going to mention but I will have to wait until my face has cleared up!!

So let’s get started……


Here we have a smokey eye palette, a liquid eyeliner and 2 blushers.

              PhotoGrid_1398612246640[1]               PhotoGrid_1398612583692[1]

The Smokey Eye Atlantis Palette contains 4 highly pigmented colours that can each be worn individually or all together.  I think these colours are beautiful I especially love the 3rd colour from the left oooh its gowjus!!!!! 😉 This palette cost £12 which I think is great the colours are soooo pigmented and the amount of different looks I am going to be able to create is crazy woo I’m excited I just need to stop being allergic to so many things so I can use it 😥


Magic Liner in engraved

I used this liner as soon as I get because I wanted to check if I was allergic to it so many liquid eyeliners make my eyes itchy, red and swollen.  So I just lined my top lid with the liner in the morning left it on all day with no irritation or issues then when I washed my make up off my eye lid puffed up and was sore and swollen ggrrrrr it is very annoying.  Anyway I found it strange for this to happen when I was removing it so tried it again the next day and had no issues at all and haven’t in the other couple of times I have used it.

I am not the best at applying liner some days are better than others and some days I just can’t bare to touch my eyes so it ends up all over my eye lid.  Do you ever have this problem or is it just me?!?

The tip of the liner is soft and easy enough to glide along the eye but I do suggest small strokes so you don’t smudge or mess up the look and sometimes it does tug on your lid (it may be drying out at this point because I’ve been trying to apply it for so long).  So I do feel that this will dry up quite quickly though, it isn’t a wet liner if you know what I mean.  It is a dark enough colour but you could always apply a black eye shadow over the top for extra definition.

Will I repurchase hhmmmm possible not I think I will try some of the other products like the Gel Liner in Ink  

            PhotoGrid_1398612194344[1]          PhotoGrid_1398612268919[1]

Powder Blush in Dream Phone

Powder Blush in Good Girl

Dream phone is a kind of mauve coloured (hope that is right I am terrible with colours) blush it looks quite dark but it does not transfer dark but I wouldn’t recommend anyone who is very pale to use this colour as it could wash you out. I apply this just above where I would contour to the higher points of my cheekbones with a large fluffy brush.  You can build it up or apply a light layer as you can with most blushers.  It looks well on the skin and I am pleased with the finish.

Good girl is a pale pink that may look too pale for some and too bright for others but it is a lovely natural colour.  It has a slight sparkle to it but this doesn’t transfer so it is noticeable but if it did it would still look nice as it would catch the light but not be a chunky glitter look just a fine little sparkly 🙂

Thank you so much for reading have a great day.

Stay beautiful

nico b xoxoxo

P.S I have noticed in some of my previous posts that the pictures move out of line which is very annoying I like it to be set out evenly because it looks nicer and my OCD goes crazy ha 😉 so I will try to sort them all out and sorry for the messy layout xxxxxx

I will definitely be trying some more shades.

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