Hey guys so it may seem a little strange me talking about my spray tan but hopefully some of you will find it helpful and interesting.  I never ever use spray tans or fake tan because I am allergic to them and can not stand the smell!

But as I’ve mentioned I was at a wedding so wanted to give it a go and pray I didn’t have a reaction like I always do.


This a booth you stand in and follow the instructions and it sprays you.  Which I did prefer as it can sometimes be uncomfortable getting very naked for someone to spray tan you 😉

When I arrived at TUFTIES which has recently been moved to a larger premises (more about that later) I was greeted by a young receptionist who showed me to the booth and gave me the information / items I needed:

  • barrier cream
  • hair net
  • towel
  • paper underwear – sexy 😉
  • what to do

I was assured I would not look like Ross from Friends as I am more than capable of coming out aluminous orange!!

How it works:

After preparing myself with the above items I stood in the booth facing the nozzles and put my feet on the numbers stated.  There are numbers 1 – 4 on the floor. You press a button and it will start. Firstly it primes you which is good as it gave me an extra layer of moisturiser as I had already applied some at home.

I recommend holding your breath whilst it goes over your face.  So it sprays you dries you then tells you to move positions (this nearly went very wrong for me as I am so clever).  And once it is done you have to get out because the machine washes itself and yes I very nearly got washed with the machine because I didn’t realise what it was doing!!

You can get dressed straight away as the tan will develop for the next 24 hours.  I could tell instantly that it was a nice colour I chose the dark tan.  I would suggest wearing something loose so it doesn’t rub any where though.

The results:

I was really happy with the colour it was very natural and when I tan in the sun I go dark anyway.  It didn’t go blotchy but I did miss some parts (the edges of my arms) but that was due to how I was stood In the booth.  I had the tan on the Saturday morning then showered it off Sunday morning and by Monday I had had a reaction 😦 to it and was itching like crazy but I’m still happy because the tan looked natural and did not smell like other fake tans do!! And it was all ok for the wedding woo 😉  So I would defo recommend this to you all.  Plus spray/fake tans are much safer than regular uses of sunbeds.

So a little more info on the Tufties salon.  This is a local business to me that is owned by a very talented hairdresser who over the years has grown her business from a small 4 chaired hair salon to a successful hair, beauty and medical aesthetics salon.  Winning awards along the way.  I like to support my local businesses and shop in them as I have mentioned before I shop a lot in the store IVY LABEL also local and many other local shops.  Tuffties has recently taken over a large building that used to be a pub and has transformed it into a beautiful stylish salon where you can go and receive many treatments such as facials, colours, hair removal (wax/vpl) treatments and many more.  I know many of her staff have been with her a long time and have also grown with the salon. As a woman and eager to have my own business I hope Vicky (the owner) is proud of her achievements not only for herself but her family, staff and the local area.

I am not being paid to say any of this I am just pleased to see ladies out there achieving success, following their dreams and doing well.  It takes time but we can all do it 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading this post I know it is different to ones I normally do.

Stay beautiful

nico b xoxoxo






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