Hey guys as I mentioned in my last post I was getting my nails done because I’m at a wedding this weekend.  So thought I would use this time to use my new matte nail polish from TopShop.  I also used Barry M polishes on the rest of my nails and for a bit of nail art.


Barry M Textured Nail Effect in princess

TopShop Matte Nails in drink pink

Barry M Nail Paint in shocking pink

                   PhotoGrid_1397668804241[1]          PhotoGrid_1397668168627[1]

This is the Matte nail polish the first picture is it first applied.  It applies like a normal polish with the shine then as it dries it becomes matte.  This polish is not very matte in my opinion I did think there would be more of a difference from a normal polish to a matte finish but there isn’t. Yes it’s a nice shade and totally wearable and I like the application and brush but I don’t think it is worth the hype.  I won’t be repurchasing any more matte polishes 😦  If I do I’ll have to be really impressed by the colour.

The second picture is a comparison of matte polish and normal polish the middle nail (ring finger) is matte the others are normal polish.  Not much difference is there!!!!


I went over the matte shade with a glitter polish for a bit of nail art on an accent nail.  This is such an easy decoration to do.  I simply cut some nail strips placed them on my nail in a criss cross shape which creates small diamond shapes painted over them with the glitter polish then took the strips off and boom there you go nail art 🙂


If you look closely at the middle nail I did the tip in matte.


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