Hey guys just a quick post today.  I recently bought some new nail varnish surprise surprise 🙂 but wanted to get some gel/acrylic (don’t no the difference) nails put on before I tried it.  I’ve been trying to grow my own nails and was doing really well then as always they all broke and were really short.  I don’t like to get nails put on as it damages my nails more but I am at a wedding next week and don’t want short horrible nails.  Plus they do look nice and I think they make my hands look more feminine.  I have hands just like my dad!



Of course it’s Barry M and the new Aquarium Nail Effects in colour AQNP3 caspian.  This is a two tone iridescent varnish.  I took two pictures one with the flash on and one with it off so you could see the different colours it has (hope it is showing up).

                    PhotoGrid_1397249390348[1]          PhotoGrid_1397249406444[1]

So I apologise for the short badly painted nails 😦  Here I used 2 coats with a clear as my base.  The varnish goes on so nicely and dries really quickly quicker than any other Barry M I’ve ever used.  It looks so luxurious and silky.  If I could I would bathe in it  I imagine the advert being a waterfall of this pouring down like silk and wanting to jump in haha too much info?!? ok I’ll quickly move on 😉

So the bonus of this effect is it is like wearing more than one shade of polish at any time because depending on how the light hits it depends on what colour you see.  I have seen a gold toned colour and a purple toned colour.  I think it would look nice with maybe another colour under possible white to make it really stand out or a clear sparkle polish over the top.

As always I’m happy with my purchase.  There are 4 colours in this Aquarium range and I think I need to try some of the others the AQNP4 looks really nice.  Have you tried any yet? What are your thoughts?

Hope you liked this short post thank you so much for reading.

Have a great weekend mwah

Stay beautiful

nico b xoxoxo

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