My go to shopping items are handbags, jewellery or make up of course.  No matter how I’m feeling my handbags and jewellery will always fit that’s how I see it anyway 🙂 so if I don’t want to buy any clothes because I’m either having a ‘fat day’ or just feeling rubbish I buy handbags.

My recent purchases are……

PhotoGrid_1397071752634[1]          PhotoGrid_1397071772320[1]

I bought this bag from IVY LABEL it was £32 I think it looks really expensive and unlike any bag I have.  It can be used as a clutch bag or a shoulder bag.  I like it’s unique way of opening too the strap goes all the way round to the bag giving detail to the back of the bag not just the front which many bags/clutches don’t have.  I’m in love!!

PhotoGrid_1397071794115[1]          PhotoGrid_1397071823125[1]

The strap is a chain effect adding to the quality of a high end look.  And the print is hounds tooth (I may be wrong) but I love it and the colour is gorgeous it has a patent effect finish and will go with so many outfits and be a great addition to my handbag collection 🙂


Plenty of room to fit my purse, phone and make up 🙂

               PhotoGrid_1397071884284[1]           PhotoGrid_1397071901559[1]

I have had so many compliments on this bag. I got it from ZARA it was £39.99 I did think it was expensive for what it was but I am glad I bought it and I’ve used it a lot.


It has 3 compartments which is good so you can separate your items and get to them easily.  This comes with a strap which I attached and I use it as a shoulder bag but you can carry it by the handle.

                   PhotoGrid_1397072032771[1]          PhotoGrid_1397072057942[1]

I got this from another local shop in my area NUSHU.  It looks paler on the picture than it actually is it is a pale peachy/pink colour again a colour I didn’t have and nice for spring and summer.

                  PhotoGrid_1397072107825[1]          PhotoGrid_1397072092313[1]

The lining is nice inside it has 2 compartments and can fit plenty of things in it.  It does come with a long handle but I won’t use it I carry it with the handles.

Thank you for reading hope your all doing well.

Stay beautiful

nico b xoxoxo

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