Hey guys.  I mentioned in a post I did a while ago that I had bought some OCC Lip Tars but had only opened one and wasn’t sure about keeping the others well I have to keep them because basically I couldn’t be bothered sending them back!



I got the colours hush, divine and narcissus.  Firstly I tried hush a nude colour.  I really didn’t like it and thought it made me look ill and really pale.  I’ve heard so many amazing reviews about these lip tars and was so excited to try them as every time I went online I would look at them and finally gave in.  I should of just bought one and tried it (I’m learning now to just get one) then gone back but I hate paying for delivery!!


The packaging is good.  It comes with a lip brush which I do love it applies the tar so well and is very precise.  It comes with a card that tells you how to use the product and I think you can use the card to create you own lipstick colours.


Here I mixed divine and hush making a slightly different pink! 🙂



Sometimes when you store the lip tars in one position the can separate.  If you look at the above picture underneath where it says lip tar it is slightly darker (hope you can see it) this is because it has been stored flat like this with all my other glosses.  To rectify this just simply squeeze the tube to mix it all together with the lid on or that will be one messy lip tar explosion 😉 or just turn it over and let it mix itself.


Swatches from left to right are hush, divine and narcissus.  Narcissus looks quite purple in this picture but it is a pink colour.


You need the smallest amount to cover all your lips.  Squeeze very gently because it does come out fast and product gets wasted then.  Like I said before the brush is great I love it.  I was going to apply it with my finger to see if it gives a different affect/finish but I know I will need to use the brush to tidy up the edges so won’t bother.  I would use my finger to apply a clear gloss over the top.


Here is hush I think the colour looks gorgeous on the picture but when I’m looking in the mirror I just don’t think it suits me(the same for all 3 shades).  I’m going to do a dark smokey eye with a full coverage foundation then put this on and see if I prefer it that way.  I bought the nude because my sister kindly broke my MAC nude lipstick in hue thanks sis!!! 🙂


I was most excited about this colour divine.  I had seen a picture on Instagram of a girl wearing this and it looked a coral/orange colour and wanted to give it a try.  Well on me it appears pink as so it looks in the picture and tube!  Again a gorgeous colour but I’m just not loving it 😦 I put two pictures to show a lighter coverage on the top and a darker one on the bottom.  There isn’t mush difference really I think I should have applied more to the second picture.


And lastly we have narcissus.  Of course I had to get a brighter pink shade.  I like this the most out of all of them and will probably wear this the most.  But I think unfortunately neither of them will be lip products I will grab for often.  They are supposed to last a long time they haven’t when I have worn them.  They smell like peppermint which I like and so does my dog ha it isn’t to strong and I can’t smell it when I’m wearing it but that could be because the smell doesn’t bother me.  I think if they were matte I would like them more as the pigment is great.  I think they do do matte ones but I haven’t seen any on the site I bought them off.  I’m going to try them with a lipstick underneath and see if that makes a difference to how they look on me.  I won’t give up on them just yet!!!!!

They are 100% vegan and cruelty free and cost £11.95 the price varies depending on where you get them.

If you would like me to mix some colours together and do some swatches and pictures even though I only have 3 just let me know in the comments and I will put some up 🙂

Hope you have all had a fab weekend and liked the post.

Stay beautiful

nico b xoxoxo



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