Hey guys.  I’ve had some issues with my phone so can’t post what I want.  My phone won’t charge enough to use my camera don’t know why (angry face as I type!!!!) I’m still using my phone camera to take all my pictures so it is very annoying.  The only pictures I have are off my new hair colour which I was going to share to as part of another post.

So this post will be short but sweet 🙂

I haven’t changed my hair colour dramatically in fact only slightly and here it is……


My hair before I started looking tatty with dry ends in need of a good cut!  I dye my roots myself because my grey 😦 hairs come through every 3 weeks which is very annoying.  I buy the tint and developer myself and mix it in a bowl then apply to the roots leave it on for 45 minutes then wash off.  I am not a hairdresser ( even though I trained as one for 2 years when I was 17) so if you are thinking of dyeing your own hair make sure you research it so you get the mixing/ratio correct or speak to your hairdresser for some advise.  I use Wella Koleston Perfect in 55/0 with 3% developer.

                   PhotoGrid_1396642950415[1]          PhotoGrid_1396642975745[1]

Here I had some more lighter colours but through the bottom half giving it an ombre effect but it isn’t actually ombre.  Where the new colour has gone over the previous lighter colours they have gone slightly lighter which I like it gives it a bit more texture going on.

When I go to the hairdressers my hair always looks extra long.  Because I can’t do my hair anything like my hairdresser can or see most of it it looks so long I feel like Rapunzel ha 😉

My hairdresser Kym always styles it in a lovely style I hate just going home and wasting it.  I try to get my hair cut every 8 weeks or so.  When it was shorter I would go every 6 weeks because it just got too messy and not a stylish messy and hang over my face so I looked like I was the girl in the film the ring who crawls out of the TV scary!!! But because it is so long now I can get away with leaving it that bit longer.  That is another reason why I have colour put in the lower half off my hair so it doesn’t look so bad between cuts.

I am very bad at styling my own hair it’s either straight which I have been wearing a lot lately, curly or up. If I’m not going any where I will let it dry naturally and just scruntch it in my hands to give it a wave which works fine apart from the front sections of my hair that does what it wants.

I shampoo and condition my hair every other day.  On my first shampoo I just do my roots then on the second shampoo I do all off my hair then condition.  I do it this way because my roots get the greasiest and I don’t want to dry my ends out.  And for the conditioner I put most of it on my mid length and ends then the rest on my roots so not to make it greasy.  I know it seems daft me sharing how I wash my hair but if you think I will try it this way and your hair feel/looks better then bonus ha 🙂

I use Arbonne FC5 Nourishing Daily Shampoo and FC5 Nourishing Daily Conditioner use ID number 441150735 to purchase from this site.  This is by far the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used ever which is a big claim to make.  I spoke more about this shampoo in my Recent Purchases post.

I get my hair done at a salon called Hairspray great quality treatment for an affordable price which means I can go more often for a blow dry or treatment.  Who doesn’t love a good hair pamper day 🙂

Hope you liked this post thanks so much for reading.  Fingers crossed I get my phone sorted this weekend.

Stay beautiful

nico b xoxoxo


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