Hey guys I’m so sorry I have been MIA for the past couple of days I’ve had appointments and meetings I have had to go to which took away my time to post but I am here now and back in my routine.

I am desperate for the Spring and Summer to hurry up and arrive here in the UK and hopefully bring some nice weather.  So to brighten up my day I went for a bright colour (which isn’t normally me) .  Today I went to a hen do in Manchester so had the opportunity to dress up but seen as it was during the day I didn’t go over the top 🙂  this look could be taken from day to night.


PhotoGrid_1396129559317[1]                   PhotoGrid_1396129585013[1]

PhotoGrid_1396129830389[1]    PhotoGrid_1396129800618[1]


I am loving the colour of this coat it is so bright and I love the 3/4 length sleeves it adds an extra glamour to it I think.  A great way to add some colour to your outfit.  Plus I love the collar many coats that are out at the moment don’t have collars which are lovely but really don’t suit me so I was so happy when I saw this.  I am in love 🙂



This is really comfortable and I think can be worn as a more smarter top with a jacket/blazer or an everyday top and bonus it does not make your eyes go funny like some prints can when you look at it.  I normally go for v neck tops but this is still flattering as the neck line is a straight cut (I don’t know the technical term!)  The length is slightly longer at the back.


Faux leather zip detail legging

These pants have appeared a few times on here.  I love them and am getting my wear out of them 😉 They are a nice alternative to jeans and I feel more dressed up when I wear them.  And the zip detailing on them gives it a more dressy/edgy look.


Contrasting Two Part Ankle Strap Court Shoe

Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (this is me singing) how cute are these shoes.  When I tried them on in the shop my feet were red from walking round and I did not have the best outfit on for trying heeled shoes on so wasn’t 100% sure but the store had 20% off and said if you don’t like them when you get home just return them.  I thought they were gorgeous and so different to many shoes I’ve seen and any shoes I own so because of the 20% off I got them and I am so glad I did.  I am terrible at walking in heels but iv walked in them for a few hours and my feet are fine and the heel height is not to bad 105mm to be exact 🙂

I got the coat and top from Zara which I am loving at the moment and I’m finding lots of great pieces which is very rare for me I’ve seen more clothes that I like than I have make up now that is saying something!!!!!!!! 🙂

Hope you liked this outfit and have had or are having a fab weekend and happy mothers day to all those mums out there for tomorrow (sunday) if you are in the UK 🙂 xxx

Stay grateful

nico b xoxoxo

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