Over the last few weeks I have been treating my wardrobe to some new clothes 🙂  I’ve got rid of a lot of my old clothes and replaced them with these new beauties. I’ve shopped in various shops so lets get started………….

My first purchases have been from a gorgeous boutique in my local area called IVY LABEL it sells handmade one off pieces of clothing, jewellery, handbags and scarfs for both men and women.

The owner of the boutique is a young designer who designs all her clothing and jewellery and offers consultations to discuss and create your own unique personal designs.  I have many things I want making ;).  This kind of service is not something I have seen before and when it is a young person with ambition and determination it is great to see. Her prices are so reasonable and the clothes are good quality and well made.  I hate when you go in certain shops and you are made to feel uncomfortable and feel you have to buy something this is absolutely not the case.

She offers styling tips and advice and encourages you to try items you may not usually go for and she is honest and says which she prefers on you and what looks nice and suggests how you could wear it.  She doesn’t push anything on you and when I have tried outfits on she will say ‘no that’s not right for you and I can tell you don’t like it’ or will make a colour suggestion that will look nice with your skin tone/colouring.

I am not getting paid to say any of this it is my personal opinion and I am so happy to see a young girl with a goal and doing well in her career.  I hope she is proud of herself and her achievements.

PhotoGrid_1395413723733[1]      PhotoGrid_1395413755144[1]

Floaty patterned top

I’m going to wear this more in the spring and summer with some light coloured jeans and maybe some shorts.  It is see through so I’m going to get a coral coloured tank top to go underneath it. I can’t remember the price of this top I think it was £22.

PhotoGrid_1395413775481[1]      PhotoGrid_1395413798759[1]


Like I said many of her items are one offs so not everything I have bought is available but it gives you a good idea of the styles she provides.

The material is so soft and I love the extra detail on the jumper it gives it a more appealing look than just a plain jumper.

PhotoGrid_1395413824138[1]       PhotoGrid_1395413837702[1]

Waterfall style jacket

This has a leatherette trim and a panel leatherette on the sleeves again giving it more of an edge rather than a plain jacket/cardigan.  This is £25.

PhotoGrid_1395413863345[1]      PhotoGrid_1395413884278[1]

Zebra jumper

Is this not the cutest jumper ever.  Look at the little zebra’s.  This is one of my faves it is so comfy and is longer at the back so it’s great to go with leggings.

PhotoGrid_1395413943179[1]      PhotoGrid_1395413974473[1]

Skull and eagle scarf £12

PhotoGrid_1395413992975[1]      PhotoGrid_1395414008129[1]

Fluorescent scarf  £12


Peplum collared top £25

I love the collar on this and the peplum as it is more flattering on my hips.  Also available in a floral print.

PhotoGrid_1395414081646[1]      PhotoGrid_1395414108529[1]

Spike collar blouse £26

Also available in other colours.  This is also sheer so again I will wear a vest top underneath.  The necklace is removable so I can change it up and add a different necklace for a different look or just go with this and be ready to roll 🙂

PhotoGrid_1395414876955[1]      PhotoGrid_1395414893812[1]

This necklace was just a one of so there is no more like it.  I love that it’s different to any others I have and the detail on the face and eyes is great.

PhotoGrid_1395415266335[1]      PhotoGrid_1395415280884[1]

Striped blouse £24

I love this blouse yes it reminds me of Beetlejuice ha but I love it the buttons don’t open which I love, again something different and the sleeves are elasticated (think that is right) so it hangs nicely over the wrists.  This can be worn with many things and can be dressed up or down.


Draped top £22

This is not the best picture sorry.  It has an elasticated waist so sits nicely and doesn’t ride up and sits across your chest and hides the boobs or if you fancy showing a bit of cleavage you could adjust it to flash some flesh 😉

PhotoGrid_1395415314564[1]      PhotoGrid_1395415329259[1]

Hareem pants  £23.99

These pants really haven’t photographed well.  They are a silky material and have pockets which I’m glad about I will wear these with either high tops or dress them up with some nice shoes.

That is all I bought from Ivy Label and I know it won’t be the last!!!!!!!!!!

I next went to Asda (a supermarket in the UK) I never shop here not even for food often but I had a nice wander round and found many affordable things great for spring and summer.

PhotoGrid_1395415107451[1]      PhotoGrid_1395415127352[1]

Paris slogan T – shirt £5

I like that the sleeves are rolled up.  It is comfortable and easy to throw on as an everyday basic t – shirt and so cheap.

PhotoGrid_1395415157490[1]      PhotoGrid_1395415171632[1]

Roll sleeve t – shirt £4

Very similar to the top above again a great everyday basic top.

PhotoGrid_1395415229279[1]      PhotoGrid_1395415247995[1]

Back zip boxy t – shirt £10

This is more dressy than the other tops I like the detailed zip on the back and the scoop bottom I’ll probably wear this with white jeans and some wedges or sandals when the weather warms up.

Next I got some great things from ASOS I used to shop at asos a lot but the quality of the clothes was always disappointing so I stopped shopping there but have seen many people buying things so gave it another go and I have not been disappointed I’m really pleased with my purchases.  Here they are…….

PhotoGrid_1395414954427[1]      PhotoGrid_1395414970021[1]

ASOS Top with Colourblock Insert £32

A similar style to the tops I bought from Ivy Label with the long back and fitted sleeve on the wrist.

PhotoGrid_1395414990300[1]      PhotoGrid_1395438631119[1]


 ASOS Cross Body Bag with Nude Panel £25

PhotoGrid_1395414912922[1]      PhotoGrid_1395414928780[1]

ASOS Peplum Top with Gold Bar Detail £38

A nice difference to any peplum tops I have and the gold bar detail breaks up the top adding more detail.

Next I shopped at isme I was looking through an isme catalogue and saw lots of things I liked.  I did think isme was a site for older ladies simply because of the adverts I had seen on TV but it has many age ranged styles of clothes.

PhotoGrid_1395415541978[1]      PhotoGrid_1395415439445[1]

South Frankie Distressed Ripped Jeans £29

I bought a few different things from this site but they didn’t suit me so I returned them.  The delivery was really fast and they offer repayment options.  I will wear these jeans with a few of the tops above and are nice for spring to wear with some white pumps.

And lastly I got some shoes from River Island.


Pink cut out side court shoes £50 web exclusive

Because spring is on it’s way I’m trying to add some colour in to my wardrobe so I thought these shoes would be fab but I’m not 100% sure if I like them.  I’m going to try them on with a few different outfits to see if I like them and how they look with different things.  What do you think?

So that is my big treat that I have saved and worked for.  Hope you enjoyed looking through.

Have a fab weekend 🙂

Stay beautiful

nico b xoxoxo





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