Over the last week or so I have purchased some absolute beauties both online and from Selfridges (a shop in the UK)


My online purchases have been from Arbonne, Motives, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) and Anastasia Beverly Hills.


ARBONNE FC5 Nourishing Daily Shampoo  You will need ID number 441150735 to purchase from this site.  You get 296ml in this bottle for £16 which I think is fab.  This can be used on all hair types.  It says it is a Rich, moisture infused shampoo that helps restore hair’s lustre and improves shine, leaving it soft and manageable. Safe for colour treated hair.  I have colour on my hair and it was amazing it left my hair so soft and shiny and easy to comb through which never happens it’s normally a task to comb through my hair when wet.  A definite 100% recommendation.  I’m going to get the conditioner in it as well.  And many shampoos cause me to breakout where ever my hair touches my face or neck this has not happened with this shampoo.

I also liked this product because of what was not in it (it tells you on the box) it has none of the following:  No parabens, phthalates, propylene, glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petrolatum, paraffin, diethanolamine or animal derived products.

PhotoGrid_1393947846364[1]      PhotoGrid_1393947917863[1]

Also from ARBONNE I got this Blusher in ballet £20.  It is a light shade that can be built up.  I’ve worn it softer on the apples of my cheeks for a hint of colour and built it up on the higher points of my cheekbones.  It is very lightweight and is easy to blend.  Again I would recommend it a lovely natural blusher.  Use ID number 441150735 to purchase.


MOTIVES Eye Shadow in heiress £12  The shadow is a little bit broken but still usable so I haven’t sent it back plus I bloomin love the colour I didn’t want to part with it ha 🙂  It is a light pink shade that would look great on the lid with a darker purple shade in the outer v and crease.  Or you could put it on the centre of the lid/inner corner of the eyes to open them up.  Or for a dramatic look you could wet your brush for a metallic/pearlised looking finish.  Loooooove this shade.

PhotoGrid_1393949590187[1]      PhotoGrid_1393950889475[1]

OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE COSMETICS Lip Tars in hush, divine and narcissus £11.95 each.  I was so excited for these to arrive.  I always look at them when I’m buying things so thought it was time to go ahead and get some.  I looked up reviews on YouTube and everyone loved them and a little goes a long way they all said so will last ages.  Plus I saw some pics on Instagram and they looked gorgeous.  So instead of just buying one and seeing what I thought I got 3!  I do it every time ‘just get one nico and see what you think of them’  So in case I didn’t like them I have only opened hush (swatch above).  It comes with a lip brush which is nice and applied the lip tar well but I just can’t decide if I like them.  The colours are different to what I thought they would be which is the trouble with buying online and I just don’t think they make my lips look nice.  I really want to open the others and play around with them but then I can’t return them and they weren’t cheap for all 3.  I have to keep hush because it’s been opened but will I ever use it?  I don’t know!.!

I know they are well liked and maybe I just need to change the shades.  Have any of you tried them? What did you think of them?  If I do end up keeping them I will do a separate post on them with swatches.


ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Brow Wizz £15.50 in brunette.  I’ve been using this for a while now after watching Pixiwoo on YouTube who use it to fill in their brows, they have gorgeous brows.  As I’m getting older my eyebrows are getting more and more sparse.  I do get them tinted but still always use a pencil to fill in those sparse areas.  This is a fine pencil with a brush attached so doesn’t leave any harsh lines.  You can twist it up and down so you don’t waste any product when you put the lid back on.  Brows are an important make up/beauty routine they frame your face and can make you look completely different and finish off many make up looks beautifully.

That is all my online purchases.  Next I have what I bought from Selfridges.


ILLAMASQUA Skin Base Foundation £27 in 6.5.  I’d wanted to try this for ages and I’m really glad I bought it.  It blends well and leaves my skin looking healthy and fresh not cakey or patchy.  The formula of this foundation is apparently the only one of it’s kind in the UK.  It is a medium coverage and primes, hydrates and controls shine.  It does contain vitamin D or C I can’t remember sorry but both are good for you ;).  It has a great range of shades so a definite match for many skin tones.  I don’t like the tube so much because it is solid so you can’t squeeze the foundation out but at the same time it will eliminate any wasted product.  Plus a little goes a long way so just use a bit then add more if needed.

This also came with a pot of amber coloured foundation (I think that’s what it was) so that in the summer months when your skin tone may go darker you add a tiny bit to your foundation and it will make it darker so you don’t have to buy another shade and can use it all year round which I just think is genius.  I hate it when you get a foundation then with in a short time it is to dark or to pale well not with Illamasqua baby!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


ILLAMASQUA Pure Pigment £16.50 in furore.  This is a champagne/peach colour and is beautiful.  I applied it to the centre of my eye lids with my finger and it was stunning.  You can use this wet or dry.  And you could use it as a highlighter it will look gorgeous in the summer.  A very versatile product.

PhotoGrid_1393954025962[1]      PhotoGrid_1393954128627[1]

ILLAMAQUA Fatale Palette £34  Colours are swatched clockwise.


bronx, ensnare, mystify and charm.  I am in looooovvveee with these shades they are beautifulllllllllll.  You can use either two of them like bronx and mystify together or just use one all over the lid it has many options.  I’ve never been a fan of palettes but after buying this I am definitely getting some more.  The colours are so pigmented and soft and blend so well and they all work together nicely to create many looks.  And I love the packaging it is easy to open and close and has a large mirror and is very lightweight.

These are the first ever Illamasqua products I have tried and I am converted I already have a list of products I want to get next.

Thanks for reading guys,

Stay beautiful

nico b xoxoxo



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