Hey guys how are you all,

Today I am sharing my thoughts on mascara.  I don’t wear mascara or make up every day and when on a night out I tend to wear false lashes so I’ve never experimented with many mascaras.  I don’t have very long lashes and some fell out and never grew back when I got very expensive lashes put on that last for up to 8 weeks or more can’t remember anyway I had an allergic reaction so pulled them off not realising mine would come out to well done me  so don’t copy my mistake get them professionally removed!.!  They looked amazing though and I was so gutted I was allergic to the glue 😦

Mascara can really open up your eyes and make a difference to how you look.  If your feeling tired pop some mascara on and it will freshen up your face.  More often than not I put mascara on my top and bottom lashes but sometimes it looks nice just on the top lashes.

So any way here is a list of my favourites

BENEFIT BADgal Black Lash Mascara £17.50  I love this mascara because the brush is big and I feel it gets all my lashes and separates them well and doesn’t flake off during the day. I’ve tried Benefits They’re Real!  but I really didn’t like this the brush hurt my eyes and I had to apply many coats to actually look like I had any on.


YVES SAINT LAURENT Faux Cils – Volume Effect Mascara by Yves Saint Laurent No.1  I’ve always used mascaras with fatter brush heads but this is converting me to try more with this type of brush.  I love everything about this the application, the smell, the longevity, the look, the coverage and the glamorous packaging.  It is probably my favourite mascara and one I would definitely repurchase again.


NEW! It's a Long Story™ Mascara from Arbonne United Kingdom

ARBONNE  It’s a Long Story™ Mascara £25  Again a smaller brush that gets all the lashes and separates well it lasts all day and has a nice smell to it.  This product is suitable for vegans and is botanical based and I have no irritation by this product at all or by any mentioned.  To purchase this product you will need ID number 441150735.  

All of the mascaras shown are not wet mascaras I really don’t like mascaras that are wet if you know what I mean. I hate it when you apply a mascara like that and it looks like you have put clumps of wet paint on your lashes not for me!


Next I would like to try:

ARMANI Eyes To Kill Mascara £25.50  I’ve heard great things about this mascara so really want to try it and see for myself. It offers to add length and volume to lashes.

Are there any mascaras you would recommend trying.  Let me know in the comments below.

Stay grateful


nico b xoxoxo

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