Whenever I’ve used blusher in the past it has always been a bronze colour that I have used as a blusher and to contour.  I just never felt right wearing lighter shades but recently I’m starting to wear them more and more.  So because I was never a big fan I don’t own many light shades but would definitely like to try more.

Here are the MAC blushers I have…….


I keep all my make up in their boxes I like things to be stored neatly 🙂

I apply blusher either to the apples of my cheeks (a light coverage using a light shade) or using darker/bronze shades, whilst looking straight ahead I apply it from the outer edge of my eye colour to the tops of my cheekbone using a REAL TECHNIQUES Blush Brush then use my foundation brush to blend any harsh edges.


So from left to right we have:

MAC Sheertone Powder Blush in pink swoon.  This is a popular shade by mac and I have had it for a while but just never used it until recently.  It is a lighter pink shade that would look nice on the apples of the cheek.  I apply a soft layer first then build the colour if I want and blend it in with my foundation brush if it looks a little to harsh.  I lightly dab my brush on the blusher tap of any excess and gentle pat on to the skin so I don’t apply to much at once.

You can always add more but you can’t always take it off once it’s on unless you start again but you don’t want to be doing that do you now 😉 My blush and contour are usually the last things I do.

MAC Powder Blush in melba.  Again a very popular shade that would suit many skin tones.  It is a soft coral/peachy tone than looks great with many eye looks.  I apply this more to the higher points of my cheeks so looking straight ahead like I explained above.

These two are the only light shades I have but definitely want to try more they are beautiful colours and are so soft and blend well you could also use them as eye shadows.

MAC Powder Blush in harmony.  This is my go to blush colour that I use as a blusher and to contour and sometimes as a transition shade for my eyes.  Check out my HOW I CONTOUR AND HIGHLIGHT post using this shade.  Again a buildable blusher to give you that sun kissed glow 🙂

MAC Sheertone Shimmer Powder Blush in trace gold.  I’ve had this colour the longest as you can probably tell and I wear this on the high points of my cheeks over harmony or sometimes on it own.  It has a shimmer to it which can also be used as a highlight and looks beautiful when the light catches it.

I love MAC blushers but how annoying is the packaging they always break after opening them a couple of times.  MAC you need to fix this! 🙂

Can you recommend any other blush colours I really want to try some new shades.  I was thinking a really light baby pink colour what do you think?

Hope you have all had a great weekend and a good start to the week.

Stay beautiful

nico b xoxoxo


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