I’ve had coconut oil for a while now and it has many uses.  You can use it to cook with put it in coffee or use it on your hair and skin.  I only use it on my hair and skin.  I have put it on top of sun cream to help moisturise my skin and I have used it as a hair mask.  You can also use it to remove your eye make up.  Oh it has so many uses 🙂


To use as a hair mask I put some of the coconut oil in to a colour bowl I use when dyeing my hair and put it in the microwave for a few seconds at a time until it has all melted then apply it from mid lengths to the ends of my hair with a tinting brush and leave it on for an hour or over night.  If you are leaving it on over night I would recommend putting a shower cap on and sleeping on a towel so you don’t everything greasy.  You can put it on your roots but I find it to be to greasy for me.  And just be careful it doesn’t drip on to your face and in your eyes if you put it all over your hair.

I also put it on my hands and feet and wear cotton gloves and socks to add moisture.  Again I keep it on for an hour I use a normal moisturising cream when keeping the socks and gloves on over night.

I am also going to use it as a body scrub.  I’ll mix brown sugar and coconut oil then apply when in the shower.

Do you use coconut oil in any other useful way?

Only a short post today.  Hope you are all having a good week.

Stay moisturised 😉

nico b xoxoxo

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