I jumped on the mineral make up band wagon about 7 years ago because I was told it was much better for your skin and it was pure enough to sleep in.  Bonus I don’t have to wash my face at night anymore!  But of course I still did but if for what ever reason I didn’t wash my face I thought it will all be ok for one night.

Mineral make up is supposed to be purer than a liquid foundation and not have as many bad ingredients in such as parabens, mineral oil and chemical dyes.  Each different brand offers different ingredients and benefits but all mineral make up is in powder form.


BARE MINERALS Original SPF 15 Foundation in medium beige.  This is the first one I ever tried and I did like it at first so repurchased it then I found it was making my skin greasy as the day went on they do recommend you put the mineral veil over the top but I didn’t want to repurchase this as they are quite expensive.  So started to use a translucent powder over the top but it just put me off after that and I got a liquid foundation.  I would recommend it because it is nice and isn’t heavy and is a natural looking foundation but either buy the mineral veil or use another powder over the top.  I do like that is has an SPF 15 in it so when I wear this I would use a moisturiser that didn’t contain SPF.



L'Oreal True Match Minerals Foundation Golden Natural

L’Oreal True Match Minerals Foundation  I bought this because my skin was going through a bad stage and I was breaking out a lot and wanted to cover it up but didn’t want to use a thick foundation so thought I would try a cheaper mineral foundation option to bare minerals.  I can’t actually remember what colour I used but I definitely wouldn’t repurchase this I just didn’t like how it felt on my skin it felt quite heavy and I could tell I was wearing something and it felt a bit greasy.  It is good that it comes with a brush to use so you don’t have to buy one but I just wasn’t happy with it I don’t feel it gave an even coverage to my skin but this could have been the way I was applying it.

Have you ever tried it?  What are your opinions?


Mineral Irresistible Face Base SPF25  I had never heard of MII products before and saw it in a local beauticians when I was having a facial and they put some on me when I had finished and I liked the natural coverage it gave.  I use the colour precious porcelain 01.  To apply this I use my bare minerals kabuki brush and it doesn’t need a translucent powder over the top.  It doesn’t feel like I am wearing anything on my skin and again is natural looking.  This has SPF 25 which is great so you are definitely protecting your skin.  This is by far the best mineral foundation I have ever used and it lasts well.

I wear mineral foundation on days that I don’t want a full look more of a no make up make up look.  None of these products caused me any irritation but I don’t feel they give as good a coverage as a liquid foundation.  I would never wear mineral make up on a night out I personally wouldn’t feel right but for day to day definitely.

You can also get eye shadow, blusher and concealer in mineral make up.

I would like to try Arbonne’s  Natural Radiance Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 15 I looooove their liquid foundation so want to try this at some point.  Anybody wanting to purchase from there you will need ID number 441150735.

Hope you like this and thanks so much for reading 😉

Stay grateful

nico b xoxoxo





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