I recently sold my car so thought why not treat myself to a few new things so off I went…….

I did only buy 3 things but it soon mounts up!

First I got this dress from BANK.  Bank isn’t a shop I go in often in fact hardly ever I only go in if someone I’m with is looking in and that is this occasion.  I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but this stood out.  That’s how I like to shop I can’t be bothered looking through rails and rails of clothes it has to jump out at me or I leave.

PhotoGrid_1391007558513[1]      PhotoGrid_1391007575051[1]

Neon Rose Check Dress £30 The colour is gorgeous is says it is blue but I’m always getting my blues and purples mixed up.  So to me it looks purple and my favourite colours are purple and pink very girly I know 🙂

It has a rounded neck line which I don’t normally like but it isn’t to high so it looks ok and has a dipped hem line at the back.  I will wear this more during the day rather than a night outfit I would pair it with black tights because I feel it is to short for me to have my bright white legs out and on my feet probably ankle boots or if I did want to dress it up some plain heels.  Or if on holiday when I have a nice tan I would wear it with some nice sandals the colour of the dress would really compliment tanned skin.

PhotoGrid_1391008550602[1]      PhotoGrid_1391008629660[1]

Cream mesh heart jumper dress £25  This was £38 which I think is quite expensive but liked it and wanted it and was the main reason I was going shopping so when I got to RIVER ISLAND and it said £25 I was very happy wahoo bonus.

It has a v neck which I like, is loose fitting and covers my bum so I will wear it with leggings mainly but also with some dark blue jeans and even layer it up with a plain scarf.

PhotoGrid_1391009440728[1]      PhotoGrid_1391009497294[1]

Bright pink box pleat mini skirt £25 This is also from RIVER ISLAND I absolutely love the colour it is so bright and just makes me happy 🙂  I am a pear shape and because of the cut of this skirt I feel it helps proportion me out and doesn’t make my hips as noticeable.  I wear it higher up on my waist!  It also has pockets in which I love I think it looks really attractive when they have pockets in don’t know why but I do.  Do you think the same or is it just me?

I will wear this with a structured white shirt and a statement necklace. Does anyone know where I could find such a shirt!?! Or with a simple vest top tucked in and again a statement necklace.  I can’t decide what shoes yet do you have any ideas?


Here is a close up of the zip and the colour because I’m just kind like that 😉  I like that the zip stands out against the vibrant pink.

So that is all I bought clothes wise but I couldn’t leave with out having a quick look at make up and I was so good and didn’t buy anything but really wanted to I very nearly got 4 new lipsticks and yes you guessed it all pink and basically all the same colour so I thought NO be good put it down and walk away quickly but to satisfy the urge I bought a nail varnish!


Surprise surprise it’s Barry M.  I always buy these because I like the shape of the bottle, there totally affordable, have such a wide range to choose from all with different finishes/textures/colours and they store away nicely together.  Weird I know but it’s my ocd’s fault don’t judge 🙂

I haven’t actually used it yet but I will try to get an OOTD up wearing some of my new clothes and my nails.  This is Barry M Textured Nail Paint Purple Countess £3.99   This is part of the new Royal inspired collection their are 5 colours all together I only have this one for now!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  Enjoy your day

Stay thankful

nico b xoxoxo


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