Hey guys it’s weekend wahoo.  My new bedding arrived this week so thought I would share it with you.  My bed is my favourite place to be ha I’m so lazy I could lie in it all day snuggling my cat and dog and watching rubbish TV.  I want my bed to be the focus in my bedroom and look inviting and comfy to me and my husband only ha 😉

My previous bedding was from the WHITE COMPANY and it was the Savoy Bed Linen Collection  this was an expensive bedding set but my opinion is you sleep in it every night wash it once twice a week you need to spend money to get that continuous quality from your bedding.  As soon as it starts to look a bit tatty I like to get a new one this bedding has lasted well over a year and for many would still have been ok but I just love buying new things for my house 🙂  This bedding had a 400-thread-count Egyptian cotton I’m not 100% sure what the thread count means but I do know the higher the number the softer and better quality your fabric/material is.


PhotoGrid_1390574370139[1]      PhotoGrid_1390577386897[1]

Not the clearest picture sorry but if you click on the link below it will take you to the site.  This bedding has a 200 thread count and I can totally tell the difference from my old one it isn’t as soft but does look very pretty.  It has a printed lace design in soft dove grey ( surprise surprise I have more grey!) and has an edging all the way round it giving it a more elegant look.

This bedding was a lot cheaper this time so I’m actually contradicting what I just said oops ha but I don’t have as much money to spare this time.  My new bedding is from BHS and the set is Holly Willoughby Lace Bedding (the pillow cases come separately)  For those of you who are not from the UK Holly Willoughby is a TV presenter on many shows and adverts and I didn’t know that she had a bedding range out.  Me and my husband were out shopping and saw the bedding but it was out of stock so we had to order it online a week later.  She has other sets in her collection with throws and cushions.  I really wanted the throw to help finish the look of the bed but I think I will get that in a couple of weeks unless I see something else.  And I must just say the picture of her advertising the bedding is beautiful she looks so stunning erm jealous ha 😉

I washed and dried this before I put it on my bed because they always feel stiff don’t they when they are new.  When it came out of the drier it was creased so badly so it needed ironing and the creases would not come out which disappointed me because it didn’t look as good when it was on then 😦

PhotoGrid_1390574274846[1]      PhotoGrid_1390574971266[1]

I’ve added 6 cushions to dress the bed.  You can’t see the black ones because they are blending in with my headboard they are so comfy and are also from BHS they are Black plain chenille cushion the middle 2 are from SAINSBURY’S they no longer have these ones but the Natural Wavy Knitted Cushion are very similar and the 2 small ones are from ASDA which I have had for years.

The headboard is from BLACK SWAN FURNITURE and was made in France I love it.


Missy just had to get in on the action!

Have a fab weekend guys what are your plans?

Stay beautiful

nico b xoxoxo


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