Hey guys as promised here is the other part to my MAC haul.

PhotoGrid_1390254628083[1]      PhotoGrid_1390421448980[1]

MAC Rebel  this is a raspberry/purple shade it is my sisters lipstick not mine.  It isn’t a colour I would personally go for I love my pink shades but I do think it is a gorgeous colour especially for Autumn and Winter time.  I like dark lipsticks to be matte this one has a nice shine to it so won’t be drying on the lips.  I don’t think any skin tone could wear this it would look so gorgeous on dark skin it suits my sister who is paler than I am though!

PhotoGrid_1390254599384[1]      PhotoGrid_1390421772078[1]

This is also called Rebel and is a lipglass.  I love their lipglasses they are not sticky and last well.  Again a gorgeous berry colour this can be worn on it’s own for a lighter coverage or for more depth apply it over the lipstick.  I prefer this style of applicator head rather than the brushes they have in some of their lipgosses it is easier to apply I think.


This is the lipstick with the lipglass over the top.  Sorry I don’t have a picture of it on my phone camera was not picking it up well if you would like a picture just let me know in the comments below.

Take care guys mwah

nico b xoxoxo

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