My go to colour for eyes is always purple I love it and because I have greeny coloured eyes it compliments them well.  I love all colours of purples from dark shades to more soft pastel shades.  So when I saw these beauties that were what I class as similar colours they had to be bought.



MAC Star Violet Veluxe Pearl and Blackberry Matte

PhotoGrid_1390231433285[1]      PhotoGrid_1390232577853[1]

These are the same eye shadows but look totally different to me the right image was taken with the flash on and the left image with it off (it is the same on the swatches).  I like to show you pictures with the flash on and off to try and give you as true a picture as I can.

This is a gorgeous eye shadow with a metallic sheen to it.  It is probably a more cranberry/brown colour than purple.  This could be worn all over the lid and built up to make a more dramatic look or possible just in the centre of the lid over a lighter shade.  Personally because it has a shimmer to it I wouldn’t put it in the crease so much I would use a softer brown for that and blend the two.  I think this would look nice with other coppery colours or gold’s and could be worn softer for an everyday look.  It applies nicely to the eye and blends well lasting all day.

PhotoGrid_1390231701459[1]      PhotoGrid_1390232453079[1]

It amazes me how different they look the power of lighting is amazing and that’s why models advertising make up products/brands look so amazing and flawless because they have been in a studio with professional lighting or either been airbrushed/edited.  Anyway I’m not in any way an expert on this I just know I have been dragged in by the pretty pictures on the make up counters, bought the very expensive products then been disappointed when they don’t look anything like they did on the picture.  Ok rant over moving on!!!!

I love matte shades I tended to stay away from anything with a glitter/sparkle to it but recently I’m drawn to them shades. That’s why I love these two.  I’m getting both and they go nicely together.  I don’t think you should follow any particular rule when it comes to make up create your own personal unique style and wear it how ever you want.  But if I must say one thing always blend blend blend especially your foundation nothing worse than foundation 3 shades too dark round your jaw line! 🙂

So Blackberry Matte.  I would use this in my crease as a transition colour when wearing a dark smokey eye and possible mix it with MAC Haux or as an all over lid colour with a black liner.  Again very wearable and buildable and easy to blend lasting all day.  Mac eye shadows are very popular and last ages I’ve not come across one I don’t love I obviously have ones I use more than others but that’s down to how I’m feeling that day and sometimes colours just don’t look right but another time they look great.

My sister also bought some MAC lip products so I will also post them asap.

Hope I haven’t rambled to much I’m still feeling rubbish with my cough and cold sniff sniff cough cough poor me haha.  Hope your all well and had a great weekend.


nico b xoxoxo

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