Hey guys I treated myself the other day with some let over Christmas money.

I only bought 3 things 2 make up items and a handbag the usual things all my money goes on! 🙂


I bought this from H&M last week but I can not find it on the website.  I’m sure if it is old stock and the H&M I went in to just had some left.  It was only £12.99 which is an absolute bargain. H&M handbags are always reasonably priced I do think some of their bags look cheap but most are fab.  This one is an orangey/red colour it looks quite red on the picture.  I looooove orange especially in accessories.  It has a long strap also orange with gold links so can be worn on the shoulder or used as a clutch bag.  For a night out I would use it as a clutch bag and use the strap if using it during the day simply for ease of carrying.  I don’t normally use bags like this for day to day use but I am going to start because so many of my bags are ‘going out’ bags that are just sitting in my wardrobe not going to any use so it’s time to get them bad boys out!


NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk £5.  I mentioned this pencil in my Christmas Gift Guide post you can buy it individually which I have or in a set of 6 pencils.  I wanted this to use as a base for my eye shadows and to help make the colour pop.  This is a really soft creamy pencil that doesn’t drag your skin and blends nicely.  I either apply it all over the lid then apply eye shadow all over or my favourite look is putting this in the middle then applying a dark shadow to the inner and outer corners such as MAC Sketch then a bright pink in the centre this really opens the eyes and makes the colour pop.

PhotoGrid_1389808695059[1]    PhotoGrid_1389809690507[1]

On the second picture the first swatch has the loose shadow over the white NYX pencil. (not the best swatches sorry)

And lastly is Sugarpill Cosmetics Chromalust Eye Shadow in Hysteric £6.50 this is in the sale at the moment. It looks darker on the website than it does in person but it is still a nice eye shadow.  It is nicely pigmented and blends well.   I would love it in a really dark but bright purple if that makes sense!

Because it is a loose shadow I shake the tub so some shadow goes on the inside of the lid and dip my brush in there to get the product.  I then press it on to my eye lids because I have used the NYX pencil it sticks to this and I didn’t have much fall out.  And to define it more I spray my MAC Fix + on to my brush then apply more shadow and again press it on to my eye lids and it makes a huge difference to the look.  If you don’t have Fix + just use a light mist of water.  I definitely want to try more shades in this range Magpie and Tiara look gorgeous.  Have you used any of these?

Only a short one today.  Hope you have all had a great day.

Stay beautiful

nico b xoxoxo

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