Hey guys.  So I have been waiting for my new camera to come before I did another post and it arrived yesterday yay woop woop.  I was so excited I quickly opened the box got the camera out (which was already charged!) and looked it over.  The camera was from Argos but bought off ebay and it is a SAMSUNG Smart Camera WB30F 16.2 Megapixels.  Now the screen was dirty and the camera fully charged I automatically thought that someone else had bought it not liked it sent it back then got sent to me.  Anyway I was just assuming this so I took some pictures and was so disappointed with the quality my camera phone was much clearer and brighter and once I had taken 2 pictures it said memory full.  So long story short it is going back and I will have to stick with my camera phone for now 😦

Have any of you got this camera or used it before? Did you have the same issues or do you think I got a dodgy one?

So moving on with the post as the title suggests it is a décor post.  I love to watch shows on decorating and read things about styling your home and looking for inspiration.  PINTEREST is fab for ideas.

I certainly don’t have a big house so I work with what space I have.  I would love nothing more than a big American style house I love them.  I know exactly how I would decorate it it would be a clean fresh minimalist style with lots of comfy furniture, throws and cushions for a welcoming relaxing feeling (ahhhh I’m day dreaming of my dream house right now).

So before I bore you all with my dreams I will show you what I have done.  I don’t have a natural eye for interior design unfortunately.  I see something I like then change it to my style and budget and think of an idea that way.

This is the picture of the stairs I wanted


To get some inspiration for decorating my house I would read KELLY HOPEN Ideas: Creating a home for the way you live. I’m a big fan off hers I like that she uses light colours like taupe (creamy colours) on the walls and accessorizes with colour and texture in fabrics or art.  So I would read her book and put markers in the pages I liked the design and look of and look for an affordable dupe.

PhotoGrid_1389279810203[1]  PhotoGrid_1389279822336[1]

My house is very grey! I have grey carpet through out the house (apart form the kitchen and bathroom) it is a lighter colour in the bedrooms apart from the loft that is wood floor see my post on the loft UNISEX BEDROOM DECOR.

I wanted to make my stairs look as stylish as I could I mean they lead to my favourite thing ever my bed and my shoes ha.  Ahhhhhh my bed is so comfy I’m looking for new bedding so once I find some I will do a post on it. Anyway before I go and get in my bed I will finish this 😉

When the carpet fitters came to measure up and I told them what I wanted they told me they didn’t recommend it they said stairs like that are more of a statement and in an open space a centre piece.  Well NO it was my house my idea my style when I really want something I very rarely change my mind and this is what I really wanted.  I’m always up for advice and ideas but I knew this would look nice.  I bought the stair rods off ebay I can’t remember which company it was but if anybody wants to know let me know in the comments and I will find out for you.

When the carpet got fitted the person fitting them asked if he could take a picture because he thought they looked so good ha I told you so hehe 🙂  Before the carpet was fitted I sanded the stairs then glossed them.


To brighten up the stairs seen as it was all grey and has no natural light I wanted to create a gallery of all my favourite pictures.

PhotoGrid_1389279851343[1]        PhotoGrid_1389279919091[1]

The spacing doesn’t look very good on the pictures but to actually look at it it looks ok.  I got the frames from IKEA I wanted them to be white to help brighten it up and break up the grey.

I painted the walls grey yes grey again I told you I love it.  The wall on the left of my stairs is darker than the wall on the right.  I like to mix my own colours when I decorate so I just added white emulsion to the grey I used on the left wall.  Because I like the minimalist look and don’t have enough space to have picture frames in the front room I thought why not put them here.  I’ve used different sized frames and also different shapes.  I was thinking of getting mine and my husbands initial’s N and R and putting them in the middle of the frames somewhere but I haven’t seen any that I like.  I also want to add more frames.  Most of the pictures are taken up by my pets and a few from my wedding in Cyprus I don’t know if you can make out any of them.

If you are thinking of doing something similar to this remind people that they are on the wall the amount of times people come to my house and knock them off and break them.  That is why I just got affordable ones from IKEA they are easy enough to replace.


And lastly for the lighting.  I only had one light which was at the top of my stairs which didn’t let off much light plus with energy saving light bulbs I might as well not turn it on but I will do all that I can to help save energy go green ha.  I had another light fitted at the bottom of the stairs to add some light plus I like symmetry.

My inspiration was


I don’t often look at a light fitting and think ooh that’s nice I’m not very impressed with them but this was one of the rare ones I liked.  I love the effect lighting can give it can change the whole atmosphere and mood.


I got these from Argos they are the Living Grazia Voile Droplets Light Shade – Black .  I think there quite glamorous/expensive looking and for a change are not GREY! And they are half price at the minute £9.99 erm bargain!

If you want more info on anything I have written about or have any suggestions just let me know in the comments.

Thanks so much for reading guys it is much appreciated.

All my love

nico b xoxoxo

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