I have ordered myself a new camera so as soon as I get it I will test it out on some make up looks until then I will do a wish list post.  I love jewellery I buy more jewellery than clothes because no matter what clothes size I am I can always fit in to my jewellery!  And buying something new always makes you feel a little better.

I don’t have pierced ears because I am very allergic to nickel and can’t afford diamonds ha so I am not going to include them in this post 😦  But I’m thinking of getting them re done to see how I react.  I love statement jewellery they can really pull an outfit together and make the simplest of clothes look fab.


Engraved Stone Collar                      Multi-Row Faceted Collar                              Semi Precious Stone Tassel Necklace

Engraved Stone Collar £13.50                   Multi-Row Faceted Collar £22.50             Semi Precious Stone Tassel Necklace £15.50

Tassel and Stone Pendant                          Premium Rhinestone Brooch Collar

Tassel and Stone Pendant £12.50                Premium Rhinestone Brooch Collar £24


Cut Out Open Arm Cuff                      Stone Wrap Wristband                    Buckle Hinged Cuff Bracelet

Cut Out Open Arm Cuff £14.50                 Stone Wrap Wristband £13.50                      Buckle Hinged Cuff Bracelet £16.50

Simple Smooth Metal Cuff                            Metal And Fabric Bracelet                      Gold Textured Clamp Bracelet

Simple Smooth Metal Cuff £15.50               Metal And Fabric Bracelet £12.50            Gold Texture Clamp Bracelet15.50


Split Band Ring                         Semi Precious Stone Ring                            Tear Drop Ring

Split Band Ring £5.50                               Semi Precious Stone Ring £8.50                                 Tear Drop Ring £12.50

Heart N Initial Midi Ring Pack

Heart N Initial Midi Ring Pack £5.50

I have just looked at jewellery I would like to buy from TopShop because this is the main place I shop for my jewellery.  I do think TopShop is becoming very expensive but they do have nice designs.

It is a mixture of styles but all ones I would like to buy.

Do you have any of these items? Would you recommend any of them?

I’m looking forward to getting my new camera and getting some new posts up.

Take care see you soon

nico b xoxoxo


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