I know I’m a little late getting this up seen as Christmas was nearly a week ago but it is finally here.

I was very spoilt this Christmas my husband did good for once (he followed my wish list)  I didn’t ask for a lot of things but he got me everything I wanted and more and it is very appreciated.



Not the best swatches sorry but left to right we have MAGENTA, CELEB & SOHO PINK.

MOTIVES by Loren Ridinger Rich formula Lipstick  in MAGENTA.  I love motives lipsticks they are creamy and glide on beautifully and the pigment is great.  And they last a good few hours before you have to reapply and are hydrating.  I also love the packaging I think it is simple with the black tube but the pop of colour (colour of the lipstick) adds that extra edge to it.  And these lipsticks are paraben free bonus.

MOTIVES for LaLa Mineral Lip Shine in CELEB.  This is the first lip gloss I have got from MOTIVES and I’m not really impressed with the colour and the smell is really strong it gave me a headache the first time I wore it but I just think that is my weird self certain smells give me a headache.  I like the packaging and the brush is easy to use.  Some lip gloss heads are really horrible to use but this is ok.  It is mineral based and again paraben free.

MOTIVES for LaLa Mineral Lip Shine in SOHO PINK.  This lip gloss is so pink and girly and has little sparkly bits in the gloss so when it catches the light it sparkles making them lips oh so kissable so pucker up ladies ;).  It is not sticky and can be worn on it’s own or over a lipstick.  All motives lip products are mineral based and paraben free.

PhotoGrid_1388422958863[1]     Sugarpill Cosmetics Addicted to Pretty Eye Palette


SUGARPILL COSMETICS Addicted to Pretty Eye Palette in BURNING HEART.  As I’ve said before I’m not normally one for palettes but I saw a girl on Instagram wearing 2 of these shadows and I just had to have it.  I know they are bright bold colours but you can make the look as soft or dramatic as you want by how you apply them.

We have flamepoint, buttercupcake, love+ & poison plum.    

My mum was at my house the first time I was using them and I was trying to recreate the look I had seen on Instagram and she was looking at me weird and said ‘are you putting orange eye shadow on!’ I told her to wait until I had finished the whole thing before she said anything.  So I was using FLAMEPOINT in the crease and POISON PLUM on the lid.  Both colours are gorgeous in fact all 4 colours are so pigmented and opaque I will definitely be buying more Sugarpill products and would totally recommend them.  So when I had finished my make up I asked my mum what she thought and her reply was ‘WOW’ so even though they are bold colours you can create a wearable look.  I can’t wait to try out some more looks with the other colours and I will try to get some decent pictures of the looks I create.

This was all the make up I got for Christmas the other things I got were another SIGMA Flat Kabuki F80 for some reason I can’t find this from the usual place I buy them from they must be out of stock but the closest one is Sigmax F82 Round Top Kabuki Brush.  This came with a free small Sigma Eyeliner E05 brush as well I’m assuming as a promotion but it is good it has helped with the practice as I’m not very good at eyeliner! Check out my post on the F80 brush.

I also got a REAL TECHNIQUES Shading brush.  Samantha Chapman is an amazing make up artist and her brushes are fab and her sister Nicola is joining her with the real techniques side which will be more purchases for me ha.  Check her and her sister out on YouTube.


And lastly I got an acrylic lipstick holder.  I’m not 100% sure where he got this from but I think it was ebay there are different versions of this on there so if you are interested in getting one just have a look and see which will best suit you.  This does not store all of my lipsticks so I think I will buy another one or one similar to this.

Wow this post took me hours to do just as I was finishing it my computer turned itself off and I lost all the work I had done 😥 gutted!

Have a fabulous new years eve tomorrow or now where ever you may be and I will see you in 2014.

Stay safe stay beautiful and be grateful for everything you have.

All my love

nico b xoxoxo

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