I’m not normally a lover of palette’s I like to be able to see what I have when I look at my make up and with palette’s I always think I’ll just leave them because they don’t jump out at me when I’m looking at my eye shadows but this beauty was just shouting for me to buy it (well it was bought for me as a birthday gift off my sister…thanks big sis!) I fell in love with the colours and the packaging when I saw it on YouTube and I knew I needed it yes needed it ha 😉  I thought it looked so classy and had romantic soft colours.  I tend to wear a lot of dark shadows so this is a nice change for me.


So it comes with 12 rose-hued neutrals in mattes, pearls and metallics and has a crease and shadow brush in the palette.  I have used this brush but I do prefer to use my SIGMA brushes they are so soft and easy to work with (which need cleaning when I have done this post!)  The packaging is lovely it is a rose gold coloured pencil case style container with gold writing and a wave affect pattern (I think I’m explaining that right sorry if I’m not) but sometimes when I close the lid it doesn’t always close properly on both sides one side gets stuck but a little wiggle and it closes fine.  It also came with 4 sample size eye primers which I’m really glad about because I don’t have an eye primer I have just always put foundation on my eye lids which has never been an issue but now I’m unfortunately getting older sob sob 😦 I think a primer will be needed to avoid my shadow creasing so I will enjoy trying those out.     


From left to right we have:

strange, dust, burnout, limit, buzz, trick, nooner, liar, factory, mugshot, darkside, blackheart.

I wonder how they come up with the names some make up products have the most random names I used to have 2 lipsticks from a company called POUT and they were called horny hilda & easy ethel.  What is your weirdest named product?

PhotoGrid_1387890985855[1] PhotoGrid_1387891024426[1]

So as you can see they are all nicely pigmented even the matte shades the only thing I have found I don’t like about them is the product seems to fly everywhere when I put my brush in and then when I put them on my eye lids it does the same thing and I always tap the excess off my brush not sure why this is happening but oh well they are still doing the job!

I don’t have a favourite at the minute I haven’t applied every single colour yet even though I am a lover of dark shadows I’ve found myself drawn to the first 5 shades strange, dust, burnout, limit and buzz.  But I love the look of nooner and liar I think I will try a look with them next and trick looks like it will be nice in the inner corner or maybe in the centre of your eye over a black shadow.

So all in all I’m happy with my first URBAN DECAY product and loving the pallete.  One of the main reasons I have never bought form urban decay before is when I have gone to look at the products on their counter in department stores there has either never been anybody working on it or somebody from another make up stand is covering it and when I buy a product I want the sales assistant to have full knowledge of the product because they are not the cheapest brand and they are not going to be able to tell me exactly as they will not know the brand well.  This could have just have happened to me but I know Sundays are the worst day for make up stands not being covered that’s in the UK by the way.

So (I say so a lot don’t I) I would just like to say a huge huge thank you to all of you who have read my blog I wanted to get to a 1000 hits before Christmas day and I have gone over that already so thank you so so so so much it really does mean a lot.  I know I am no expert in the make up beauty industry just obsessed ha so I love that you are taking your time out to read my blog.

Have a very merry Christmas it may already be Christmas where you are so have a fab day and spread the joy and love to someone who may need it or may be alone.

Do you think we will have a white Christmas in the UK it has been snowing a little bit where I live so fingers crossed x

All my love mwah

nico b xoxoxo     


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