Hi guys today is just a quick post as it is mine and my mums birthday today and I was out last night celebrating with her.

So I’ve been trying some nail art things which I’m not very good at (I’m still learning) but I’ve had a go.  Some nail arts are a lot easier than others obviously so I’m not very creative at the mo just simple designs to get me started and as it’s Christmas I went with that theme.



So I said it was simple but festive 😉  So I have simply painted my nails with BARRY M Gelly Nail Paint in GNP Watermelon then made the Christmas tree design in 290 spring green using TOPSHOP’s Nail Art Brush Kit.

PhotoGrid_1387630819274[1]  PhotoGrid_1387630832543[1]

I have just added some dots to look like baubles I used orange and red to do this with the dotting tool which is really easy to use.  You can add as many or as little dots as you like and the more creative you are the better.  I can do a more in depth post of how to use the tools.  Let me know in the comments if you want me to.  I also just added some glitter to show something different again using the larger dotting tool and then just a simple accent nail.


Sorry it’s only short but sweet I will make sure my next post is more exciting ha 🙂

Have a fab weekend guys

much love

nico b xoxoxo


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