I just wanted to share with you how I have decorated my house for Christmas.  Since having my own house I’ve always put the tree up on the 1st December when I used to live at home we used to put the tree up a lot later once I had had my birthday on the 21st!  But this year I put it up in November *gasp* I know way too early right! but I couldn’t resist I bought a new tree and it just needed to be out it was shouting to be freed and have it’s branches stretched out looking pretty in my front room 😉




This is my 6ft (180cm) Luxury Green Christmas Tree with snow on I got this from Asda.  Unfortunately it isn’t showing up on camera how well it really looks I absolutely love it it’s gorgeous it is definitely the nicest tree I have had.  I’ve had compliments off everybody that has been to my house I just wish it was a bit fuller.

For the last few years I have had a black pre lit tree which I want to put up in my bedroom I just need to get some more decorations.  This year I wanted to make an extra effort to make the house feel nice and cosy and Christmassy it has been a tough year!

PhotoGrid_1386265049203[1] PhotoGrid_1386267641109[1]

These decorations are what I used to put on my black tree I wanted them to stand out so went with white and silver.  When I bought the new green/snow tree I wanted to buy some nice pale pink decorations but I haven’t seen any.  If any of you know were some are sold please let me know in the comments.  So I put my old decorations on and they really compliment the white snow on the tree.  All these decorations are from Asda apart from the snowman which I bought from the Manchester Christmas Markets and the bird house underneath the snowman is from a local Christmas shop.  They do still have some of the decorations I have used in Asda.

I love going to garden centre’s at Christmas time I love their big displays and it just makes me feel all Christmassy 🙂



PhotoGrid_1386269082450[1] PhotoGrid_1386269072958[1]

Opposite to the Christmas tree I have my snowman that obviously lights up and my reindeer I got these from a local Christmas shop it makes my front room look really nice when I have this lit and the tree lights on, in the middle of them is my bean bag where my dog likes to sleep.  On the fire I have my cat coco’s stocking and my dog Bailey’s stocking he is on the picture above the fire he sadly recently died I love him so much my gorgeous boy and couldn’t not put his stocking out.  I need to get my other dog Missy a stocking too I got these from B&M I hope they still have the same so they match.  Then on the fire I have 3 wire Christmas trees.

I’d like to make a winter scene on my windowsill.  I just have 2 black glittery reindeers on there at the minute.  Do you have any suggestions?


Hope you like this post I know it isn’t beauty related but I wanted to share it with you.  Have you put your decorations up yet?  What have you got up?


Take care

nico b xoxoxo



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