I haven’t been buying as many beauty/make up products as I normally would do with it coming up to Christmas.  I needed to start saving and get them presents bought.  But I can’t go cold turkey so I’ve just bought a cheeky few 😉

I have bought a few nail varnishes but some of them are presents so I’m not going to show you all of them so here is a couple.  And of course they are BARRY M.  Some of the others I bought are from other brands so I will do a review on them another time.


Nail Paint - Denim       PhotoGrid_1386017448406[1]

BARRY M 325 DENIM  When I saw this I picked it up and said oooohhh this looks like denim and what do you know that’s what it’s called haha.  I like this colour it has a little silver shimmer in it perfect for the party season but not to much that it’s overpowering being on all the nails as some pure glitter nail varnishes can be.  It only needs one coat as it is very opaque but I tend to always do two coats.  I would definitely recommend this nail varnish and I’ve never seen a colour like this before.


Nail Paint Berry Cosmo        PhotoGrid_1386017856258[1]

BARRY M 356 Berry Cosmo  This is a nice dark deep colour great for Autumn and to last through to winter.  I like wearing dark nail colours in winter and this is going to be one of my faves!  I have worn this on it’s own and I have tried it with a couple of nail art designs.  What do you think? Which do you like best?  You could just apply one coat of this with it being so dark as it does give a nice even coverage.

PhotoGrid_1386020730879[1] PhotoGrid_1386020743844[1]

I just used glitter to show some examples/ideas of patterns you could do if you wanted to jazz your nails up 🙂


So it’s just a short post today.  Hope your all doing great.

Stay true mwah 😉

nico b xoxoxo





2 thoughts on “NAILS

  1. LOVE Denim nail colour!! Merry CHristmas to me I think! I haven’t seen this in the shops thanks for reviewing it 🙂 x

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