I  am loving loving loving these lipsticks they are so creamy and pigmented and look great making your lips look oh so kissable!  I came across this brand on Instagram it is American.  Make up artists were uploading their pictures of looks they had created using MOTIVES products and they look amazing my absolute favourite is Ely Marino I love the looks she creates. I want to buy everything she uses and wish I had half her talent.  There are lots of other girls I follow on there too that are just as amazing but the list would be very long.


I’ve done this picture with the flash on and off so you could get a good look at how they are.  I do have to use my phone to take my pictures and it isn’t always the best quality I am going to look in to purchasing a camera.

On the left is MOTIVES by Loren Ridinger in PINK SAND and the right is MOTIVES for La La in BESO.

PhotoGrid_1384794356066[1]  PhotoGrid_1384794377349[1]

PINK SAND is a pinky nude and has been my go to lipstick recently it is so creamy and doesn’t dry my lips out it hydrates them.  You don’t need to re-apply often as it is enriched with vitamins and minerals helping the longevity of it plus it is paraben free which is great and a real plus point.

PhotoGrid_1384794108882[1]  PhotoGrid_1384794123969[1]

Beso is a nice pink shade that isn’t to bright and for those wanting to try some brighter colours than pale pinks or nudes this one is fab.  You could apply a light layer at first then build it up for a more vibrant look.  Again this leaves my lips moisturised not dry and has a great shine to it.

I will definitely be buying many more lipsticks I have some of the MOTIVES eye shadows to and they are great.  And are doing free shipping which is a bonus.  The customer service is one of the best I’ve known I had a broken eye shadow and they replaced it straight away and were very apologetic.  A site I know I will be buying  many products from.

Thanks for reading guys take care, stay beautiful mwah

nico b xoxoxo



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