With the cold weather well and truly here and the heating on full blast and all my winter clothes out I know my skin and lips will be paying the price and become very dry so it is in need of some moisturisation.  I could not live with out Vaseline or a lip butter/balm I use it all the time I can’t sleep if I don’t have any on and often wake up in the night to put some on weird I know!!!!

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I’ve used many different lip balms before and I don’t have a particular favourite out of every one I have used.  There are definite ones I wouldn’t buy again but simply because I didn’t like the flavour not the consistency.

I think the NIVEA one is quite similar to DIOR Crème de Rose.  Nivea is £2.25 and Crème de Rose is £20 I really liked the Crème de Rose it was thick and felt gorgeous on the lips but I used it up really quickly and at £20 it’s not something I can replace each month it was a definite splurge.  So if your looking to treat yourself I would definitely say buy it it is nice and luxurious but other lip products can give you the same effect.

The Nivea lip butter does leave your lips with a slight white colour but not so it’s not wearable just rub it in to your lips and blend well.  It is nice and thick and smells of raspberries which is just the right amount for me if it was any stronger I probably wouldn’t wear it.  This is the first time I’ve used Nivea but all in all I’m happy with it and will purchase more in the future they also come in other flavours.

Next is my go to lip balm Vaseline!  I’ve used this for years and I’ve tried every one.  I do prefer the original one or the rosy lips one out of all of them because I’m funny with certain smells I don’t like anything to strong or over powering.  This is thinner than the Nivea one but soaks in to your lips nicely.  It doesn’t have to much of a smell to it and leaves a nice hint of rose to your lips with a high shine perfect for those not wanting to wear a lipstick or gloss.

I always apply lip balm before applying my lipsticks.

And lastly we have The Body Shop natural lip roll on.  Again I’ve never used this before I do like it though it is a liquid lip balm and in a roller form.  This seems to sit on my lips rather than soaking in to them so I’ve been using it more as a gloss than a balm as I feel no benefit from it but it does feel nice on the lips if that makes sense.  It is mint flavour so it is cooling which I like.


If my lips have a lot of dry dead skin I use this LUSH MINT JULIPS LIP SCRUB for a couple of days.  I just rub it on my lips then rinse and apply plenty of lip balm as it does make them feel tight and dry.  It is a mint flavour and smells gorgeous and tastes quite nice to ha 🙂  This is also suitable for vegans.

*If you don’t want to buy a lip scrub just use your tooth brush and gentle brush your lips then apply balm!*

Thanks guys take care

nico b xoxoxo



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