Hey guys so I have another bedroom I’ve decorated that needed to be suitable for all ages and either sex.  This room has been decorated with an older feel to it even though it is suitable for all ages.  This room is a loft conversion so it has some awkward walls and height space in it.

637      641

So I’ve only wallpapered the back wall it’s the first thing you see as you walk up the stairs.  This is the largest wall in the loft so I’ve used it as the main feature.  The wallpaper is a light grey/grey/lime yellow colour. The walls hadn’t been painted that long ago and it went really well with the paper so I kept it the same colour.  The wallpaper looks gorgeous up much nicer than it looks in the packet as I wasn’t 100% sure if I really liked it but I love it now it really brightens up the room and because it’s stripes it elongates the room.


I had a white wooden floor put down again to brighten up the room and it really compliments the dark wood.  The beams, skirting and banister are dark wood and the spindles are white I didn’t like it all being dark and I thought adding the white made it more of a nicer feature in the room.  I would like them darker but I can’t find one that is dark enough it seems to go to black colours.  I added a grey runner along the front wall to break up the floor.

PhotoGrid_1384093837094[1]   PhotoGrid_1384092833662[1]

So like I said before it is a loft conversion so the height varies so I didn’t want to put a wardrobe in as I thought it would clutter the room up and take away from the features.  I bought this from IKEA it can be used horizontally or vertically.  Then I got the boxes separately also from IKEA and they match perfectly with the wallpaper helping it all tie in together.  I just put the accessories on the top so it wasn’t looking so bare and I will get more appropriate accessories at a later date.

The bed has a leather headboard which goes nicely with the beams and I have a very light grey/white bedding and a yellow bean bag to chill out on.

I haven’t changed the stairs leading to the loft but I would like them to look like this:


I got this picture off Pinterest sorry it’s not the best quality.


Hope you like this kind of post.  Have a good week guys.

Much love nico b xoxoxo



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