I love trying new skincare products.  I’m always looking for that miracle product that will give me youthful flawless skin over night but I know I’m not going to ever get that. I’m sure the products I use make a difference to my skin but I just want to wake up with porcelain skin I don’t think that will ever happen so I am just going to have to look after what I have and try to improve it.

I have always bought high end skin care products simply because I’m allergic to many things and I thought if I spent a little bit more I might be getting better ingredients.  I try not to use any products that have alcohol in them and I’ve noticed a lot of high street products contain alcohol.  I’m not an expert on skin care I just know what I like and what I don’t want to put on my skin.

I have dry skin that is sensitive but I never use products for sensitive skin because it makes my skin worse not sure why but my skin does like to be awkward and I have bad reactions to a lot of things unfortunately 😦


So I’m currently using these 2 products.

PhotoGrid_1383580042548[1] PhotoGrid_1383580030869[1]

First is EMMA HARDIE AMAZING FACE MORINGA CLEANSING BALM  I’ve only had this face wash for a few weeks and I like to use a product for at least a month before I decide if I like it or not and give it a chance to work on my skin.  I use this at night time to take my make up off you can put it all over your face it even removes eye make up.  It is a balm and feels nice on the skin and can be used as a face mask if left on for longer.  I like the smell as well I am rubbish at explaining smells but it smells spa like to me if that makes any sense!?!

Whilst I’ve been using this I’ve also been using a new toner from no7 because I had ran out of my normal toner and had a £5 off token so thought I would try it and I’m not sure which one it was but one of them was making me brake me out.  so I stopped using both and have slowly re introduced the face wash and I have been fine so I’m thinking the toner was causing the break out so I won’t be using it again.

I’ve not been using the Emma Hardie cleansing cloth to remove the balm I’ve just used one of the many that I already have because this product is quite pricey but they sound good as they have a side that you can use for exfoliating.


Secondly is my favourite face wash MD FORMULATIONS FACIAL CLEANSER.  I started using MD FORMULATIONS years ago and used the full set so face wash, day moisturiser, toner, night cream and probably something else (it cost a lot but I don’t mind paying if it will make my skin nicer).  The moisturiser contained SPF but this burnt my face a lot so once I had used them all up I didn’t re purchase them because it put me off everything.  Then I was looking through old-ish photos and thought oooh my skin looks quite nice and remembered I was using this brand so thought I would try it again but just the face wash and since using it I have noticed a difference my skin is clearer and looks better.  I do still get the odd break out but this seems to be more hormonal than anything else oh the joys of being a girl!

I use this morning and night unless I’m using my Emma Hardie.  The MD FORMULATIONS can sting your face in places but only slightly and only for a second but that doesn’t bother me in my head I feel like it is getting into my pores and eating the dirt (is that disgusting?).  So I would definitely recommend this product it has helped clear my skin of black heads and bumps under the skin on my forehead I’m happy with the results I’m getting.  I really do think you have to use a product for at least a month before you can see results but that’s just me and that’s why it takes me so long to decide if I like something or not.


And lastly we have LIZ EARLE CLEANSE AND POLISH  In this set their is CLEANSE & POLISH HOT CLOTH CLEANSER,  INSTANT BOOST SKIN TONIC,  SKIN REPAIR MOISTURISER for NORMAL/COMBINATION skin and also DRY/SENSITIVE skin.  I got this mini travel set when I had recommended a new customer which is fab who doesn’t love a free little set that will come in handy for travelling or for work etc.

I used to always use these and the only reason I’m not at the minute is because I am using the other products up.  This smells lovely and feels great on the skin it comes with a muslin cloth which you use to take the face wash off with the cloth is nice and soft and not harsh on your skin like some face cloths/flannels can be.  Your then left with lovely feeling fresh skin.  Some face washes make me feel like I have had a face lift and my face feels really tight and has been stripped of all it’s goodness but this doesn’t do that.  I’ve recommended this product to other people and I know they are using it and loving it!  The toner feels nice on the skin and smells really clean and fresh I love using it.  I probably won’t get the moisturiser again I have a thing with moisturisers I never seem happy with them if there thin I don’t feel they moisturise me enough if there to thick I worry they will clog my pores and make me look greasy.

What products are you using and would recommend especially a good moisturiser.  My skin is like a weather forecast and really changes with the weather!


Sorry that the pictures are not the best quality I’m having to use my phone to take the pictures!

Hope you have all had a good weekend and have a great week ahead.

Take care

nico b xoxoxo




  1. Hey NicoB where can you purchase Emma Hardie or MD formulations? I ran out of my usual skin care range and would like to try new one 🙂

    • They both have their websites but I tend to buy alot of things from feelunique.co.uk as they tend to be cheaper and have free shipping. If you click on the names in my post they should take you to the site 🙂 x

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