Hey guys well it’s a rainy day where I am so I thought I would cheer myself up with a post about STILA lipglaze’s.  I have always been a fan of STILA they have a good range of colours and they smell gorgeous too.  Some people may find them to be to sticky but I like the consistency of them.  They are in a pen style packaging which you just twist at the end and the lipglaze comes out through the brush but don’t twist to much or you will waste a lot of the product and it lasts a long time on your lips to.

PhotoGrid_1383406182592[1] PhotoGrid_1383406196966[1]

I bought this set from Boots a while ago now but they have winter sets on the STILA website.  You can buy them individually or in a set.  The sets are great because they come in a set of 3 or a set of 8/9 like this one (this is 8).  I like the packaging because you can see how much you have got and they look so cute all together in this set 🙂  These lipglaze’s are 1.5ml each the individual lipglaze’s are 2.4ml.  It doesn’t bother me that the set lipglaze’s are smaller in fact I prefer it because I have so many lipglosses/lipglaze’s from all different brands I know I will use them up and not waste any and have to throw them away because I have had them for so long and they have gone off I hate wasting anything.

So each colour of the STILA ALL IS BRIGHT LIP GLAZE SET is – from left to right:

jolly, splendour, joy, black cherry, sugar plum, jingle, holly, jack frost.

My favourites are surprisingly the pink ones but I really do like them all and it is rare that I like all colours in a set because I usually don’t like most of them and only like a couple.  Well done STILA ha!

I think I will definitely be purchasing some more very soon and better still STILA are doing free shipping at the moment yay woop woop.  I’m not sure if they always do this because I shop around when buying make up I don’t always get it from the same place I’ll look to see if I can get them cheaper or in an offer from different shops/websites.

Hope you liked the post guys.  And have a fab weekend.  Did you all have a good Halloween it was my sisters birthday so I spent the day with her getting pampered not bad that I benefited hehe.  Enjoy your bonfires and fireworks stay safe stay beautiful mwah!!!!!

nico b xoxoxo


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