Hey guys sorry for being MIA these past couple of days I haven’t had any internet all week so it’s been very frustrating because I’ve not been able to get on here but I’m here now yay!

So the beauty blender.  Do I like it do I not?  Well I just can’t make my mind up I bought the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.

PhotoGrid_1383168225312[1] PhotoGrid_1383168210555[1]

I like that it has different shapes to it, it has a pointed edge, rounded sides and a flat edge.  Love the colour too!  It does fit in to all facial areas such as under the eyes or around the nose really well but I’m not sure if it’s the way I am using it that I’m not liking.  I haven’t thought right I’m definitely not using this again because I don’t want to give up on it because I know they are very popular.

The way I’ve been using it is, when I first got it I wet it then dried it off in kitchen roll not sure if your supposed to do this I just assumed because that’s what the girls on YouTube did with theirs (someone please let me know if I shouldn’t have done this thank you).  So I’ve tried it by putting foundation on the back of my hand then dipping the sponge in to it and dabbing it on to my face.  This seemed to just soak up all my foundation not sure why!  And the other way I tried was dotting foundation on my face and dabbing it that way this did seem to work better but I didn’t feel I got as good a coverage as when I use my foundation brush.  It is good for applying concealer under the eyes.   I don’t want to dislike this well I don’t dislike it I just know I won’t reach for it first.  I am a fan of Real Techniques and Samantha Chapman is an amazing make up artist you should watch her YouTube videos she does with her sister their fab PIXIWOO.

So should you buy this product?  I think yes because it’s cute ha and it is good for applying concealer and I think many people will like it it has had good reviews and like I said before the Real Techniques brushes are great I think I just need to give it a few more goes and the price is great £4.99 bargain compared to some other beauty blenders.

Hope you enjoyed the post let me know in the comments if I’m doing it wrong.

Take care mwah

nico b xoxoxo


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