I had really high hopes and expectations about the KHROMA brand and was desperate to get my hands on it and thanks to I did. I bought a JOYSTCK in ‘BABYDOLL’ and an AU NATUREL LIP KIT in ‘IN THE FLESH’. I’ve had this for a few months now and was really excited to use them and thought the Kardashians always look beautiful and have immaculate make up all the time I figured this would be the same and make me as beautiful as them ha ;).

The BABYDOLL joystick (Β£10.95) is creamy and goes on nicely but can settle in the lines of your lips so I usually put a gloss over the top. This smells much nicer than the lip kit! This is very similar to MAC’s ANGEL if not exactly the same.

As for the AU NATUREL LIP KIT I can easily say it’s the worst lipstick kit I have ever bought. And I’m gutted to say that because I really did want to like it. The lip gloss colour is nice but the smell is by far the worst thing I’ve ever smelt I was going to return mine because I thought it had gone off until I read up on it. At first I could not work out what the smell was it smelt like some kind of plant/flower poison to me (even though I have never smelt that before) but you get what I mean right? So anyway I can’t wear it because it is so overpowering and makes me feel sick! It is a very strong honey smell that you can smell the second you open it and I’ve learnt I clearly don’t like the smell of honey. And it cost me Β£14.95 so it’s not cheap to buy to then not like it. Again this colour is basically HUE from MAC without the bad smell.
On the plus side it does come with a liner which broke on me straight away (so don’t roll it up to much) lipstick and gloss (the gloss is what smells so strong). I guess I could wear the lipstick on its own but I find it drying on the lips.

Would I buy these again? I definitely won’t be buying the lip kit again simply because of the price and smell. If the joystick was in the sale I may try a different colour. I did expect a better quality of product and I’m just not impressed sorry KHROMA.

Hope you all had a good weekend
love nico b xoxoxo



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