High Street Lipsticks

I think it is fair to say that I have a bit of an obsession with lipsticks and over the last few months I have been buying quite a few and loving them.


This is L’OREAL PARIS in CARESSE 01 FASHIONISTA PINK and I loved the colour when I saw it in the shop.  When I swatched it on my skin I did have my reservations about buying it because it was quite pale even though to look at it it was very pink but I thought I could possibly layer it up with another colour or wear it over  pencil.  I haven’t worn it much as I don’t like it on my lips on it’s own but I will try it with other lip products.  It hasn’t put me off trying any of the other colours in the collection.  I’m also not u huge fan of the packaging I think it could look a bit nicer like some of the others do.


Looooooove this one it’s just gorgeous. It is MAYBELLINE COLOR sensational 906 HOT PLUM.  It is creamy and has a nice sheen to it.  Love the packaging and it’s easy to store being square and it smells like the play dough I used to play with as a kid yum!


Next is REVLON JUST BITTEN KISSABLE BALMSTAIN in 015 CHERISH DEVOTION.  This is a balm with a lipstick stain in it and it glides on your lips and feels fab.  I love wearing this with a dark eye it has just the right amount of pink in it to compliment a dark smokey look as well as a softer eye look.  It has been my go to lip product for a while now.  The only thing is the writing has rubbed off the side but it has a sticker on the bottom which tells you what colour it is.  I will definitely be buying more from this range and probably back ups of this one.  There are 12 colours in this range (think i’m going to need more storage).  It smells nice to it is fresh and minty which also feels nice and refreshing.


I’ve never used BOURJOIS products before but I’m sold with this one.  It is the shine edition in SHINE 22.   A gorgeous shine and colour that is enriched with mango butter extract.  These lipsticks are great because they don’t dry your lips out they moisturise them whist making them look so kissable 🙂


And lastly we have REVLON COLORBURST LIP BUTTER.  From the top to the bottom of the lip picture the colours are 045 COTTON CANDY, 027 JUICY PAPAYA, 053 SORBET.   They live up to their name and really are buttery soft.  The packaging is classy and I like the noise they make when you put the lid back on (is that weird?).  COTTON CANDY gives a nice coverage it isn’t very full on so if your looking for a nice lipstick this could be it.   JUICY PAPAYA doesn’t apply much colour to my lips so I tend to use this more as a lip balm.  SORBET is definitely my favourite and is very very similar if not exactly the same as the BOURJOIS shine edition above.

If you haven’t noticed I’m a sucker for pink lips I just can’t stop myself 🙂  Do you have any lipsticks your loving at the moment?

Have a great weekend guys

nico b xoxoxoxo


3 thoughts on “High Street Lipsticks

  1. I am often scared of bright shades of lips, I usually go darker as they don’t apply much colour to my lips, I would love to wear a striking colour but don’t want to pay fortune for them! this post was fab for popping into boots and not being afraid to pick up a lipstick 🙂 I started with the Revlon! good choice??? 🙂

    • Thank you Rachel glad you enjoyed reading it and found it helpful. It can be daunting trying something new sometimes. I’ll usually try it on round the house a few times if im not 100% sure and take a picture on my phone to see how it looks. Enjoy trying new things xx

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