Hey guys and happy Monday hope you all had a good weekend.

Just thought I would share this post with you all. I love decorating and often do because I get bored quickly. When I do decorate though it is usually on a budget unfortunately šŸ˜¦ I’ll either just change the wallpaper or just choose a new colour of paint. That always freshens up a room. If I am wallpapering I don’t tend to paper all my walls usually I’ll just do a feature wall or opposite walls.
So I needed to decorate my spare bedroom so it was suitable for a girl or boy of any age which is not easy so this is what I came up with.



I wanted to use colours that were inviting and welcoming and would suit both sexes. That’s why I used the blue and purple with the grey as a neutral mix. And went for a striped pattern.
It was really easy to do. All I did was I put some lining paper on just to give myself a flatter even base and painted that in 2 coats of white. Then measured out the gaps and applied masking tape to the walls and painted the colours on. I left it to dry for a couple of hours then carefully peeled the masking tape off and I’m really happy with the result.


I painted the rest of the walls in a pale blue and put a light grey roman blind up. I’ll accessorize at a later date but if you have any suggestions suitable for children I would love to know.

I have another bedroom that I decorated again for a boy or girl I will post this soon.
Thanks for reading
nico xo


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